Best Psychics in Atlanta

We work alongside some of the best psychics in Atlanta, all to provide our customers with the very best psychic reading experience.

Looking for a local psychic? Want to find the answers you have been looking for?

Our Atlanta based psychics provide a quality service for people based in Georgia.

Take a look at our list of best Atlanta psychics and find the right fit for you.

Finding The Right ATL Psychic For You

The United States is undoubtedly the world centre for psychics. Numerous gifted and brilliant psychics are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Here is a list compiled by us.

  • Donna Pinter has been a practicing psychic since 1981, and is also a part-time painter. She works with clients face-to-face and also through telephone - internationally.
  • She intends to help her clients by healing them in a psychologically, spiritually and mystically to move them toward contentment, affection and accomplishment as well as monetary success.
  • People from all over the world have gotten sessions from her, and benefited greatly.
  • Website:

  • Mimi Williams, whose book “The Secret To Winning: Top strategies for winning BIG in Life and Business,” got the best-seller award on supports people with profound relaxation and meditation.
  • She helps her clients stick to their resolutions in life and manifest their desires.
  • She also organizes numerous workshops, including how to find the love, and self-transformation.
  • Website:

  • Karen Thomson has been practicing psychic arts since 1976 - offering Tarot card readings for 40 years!
  • By presenting the Tarot cards the querent draws, Karen empowers her clients to foresee his/her future, construe her past & present, and what should he/she expect as an outcome.
  • She often makes use of crystals and stones to purify energy fields and also to offer better readings.
  • Website:

Psychics in Atlanta by Location

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