Best Psychics in Michigan

  • She is a psychic medium who wishes to share her clairvoyance with her clients to provide positive readings and responsible handling. Wendy believes in approaching clients with clarity, honesty and awareness.
  • Wendy lectures at universities and loves to read for people from diverse backgrounds.
  • With dedication she also provides confidential consultation, alongside group readings.
  • It goes without saying that she is well versed in the art of communication with what we like to call, the other side.
  • Contact Details: 734.330.4709,

  • Morgan is a spiritual psychic medium is a natural intuit and also possesses the gifts of a channeller and a clairvoyant.
  • She could communicate messages from the other side since the age of one year.
  • An ordained minister and a trained Celtic Shaman, she was healed and cured of stage 4 ovarian cancer..
  • She is also well versed in numerology, tarot and astrology.
  • With certified reflexology, she also makes use of massage and energy healing to help clients.
  • Also has an amazing history of aiding the FBI in crime fighting and also helping clients find lost loved ones.
  • Contact Details: 810-923-3772,

  • A specialized psychic medium, Rosemary is the founder of the international association “Psychics and Healers” which stretches with its branches across America, Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • Not only this but her achievements reach out to including her Ambassadorship of peace and pursuing her goal to bring and retain healers and psychics under one umbrella to help people and form a strong force of positivity and warm energy.
  • She can be reached at 970-586-3565 for appointments.

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