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  • Rick Wood is a psychic healer who also provides life coaching, currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Rick is a direct successor and inheritor of an ancient culture that practiced Shamanism, where the practitioner communicates with the spirits of the outer world, interacts with them, and brings their wisdom to this world.
  • Rick integrates Shamanic principles to his readings, to be able to help his clients better.
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  • Susanne Wilson states that as a child she was very shy and reserved. During her school life, she would hide in the back of the classroom, as the spirits would engulf her. She hid her abilities during that time so that her peers would not make fun of her.
  • Susanne went on to spend a traditional life, got a degree, married and recently celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary, but on the side, she was also studying psychic crafts and giving predictions to people in her close social circle.
  • After a near-death experience, Susanne saw her grandfather in a dream who asked her to work as a psychic and her life changed.
  • She mentors clients over phone and face-to-face, providing a clear pathway which helps them to take sound and rational decisions.
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  • Jill Beiler, although initially provided consultancy on financial problems to companies in the United States, is now a successful psychic medium and spiritual advisor.
  • Jill Beiler is very unique indeed, because she not only helps people to communicate with their deceased loved ones thanks to her psychic skills, but also is able to help transform her clients belief systems for an improved life.
  • Jill offers readings in private, group readings and conducts frequent workshops in order to heal people whether from a disturbing event or for achieving success in life, both spiritual and monetary.
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