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Dr. Rhiannon Paille

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Dr. Paille isn’t like the normal folks. Growing up in a non psychic environment, her gifts set her apart from her peers at a young age. In her early 20’s she cultivated her gifts and coined the term remote channeling, which is an ability that allows her to channel living people. She also provides energy healing sessions, past life regression sessions and spiritual coaching to a growing client base.

Dr. Paille has studied her craft extensively both traditionally and non traditionally. She doesn’t use spirit guides, preferring to channel raw energy from the source itself than rely on filtered information. She’s a pioneer in her field and wrote the Constitution of Metaphysical Ethics which many practitioners in the field follow today.
Dr. Paille is a world renowned intuitive therapist with over 5000 clients worldwide, rated 4.95 out of 5 stars, and has conducted over 20,000 sessions with clients in the past 10 years. Her professionalism, compassion, accuracy, and coaching will help you find the path you need to be on in life.


  • PhD in Metaphysical Science – University of Sedona
  • PhD in Parapsychology – Midwest Institute of Metaphysical Theology
  • Reiki Grand Master – Jay Burnell
  • Lightarian Reiki Master – Lightarian Association
  • Chios Master – Chios Association
  • Certified Tarot Master – World Metaphysical Association


Over 10 years helping clients worldwide on their journey to happiness. Dr. Paille is a leading expert in her field having written two books on psychic development, and teaching students around the world. Her natural abilities have helped shape and save lives. Many of her clients say she provides a psychic experience like no other.

Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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