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I am compassionate and understanding and have been working for over thirty years giving readings. I work with your energy and that of others you may wish to know about. I am ethical and will always be honest with you even if the news is not what you would wish to hear. Questions about relationships? Career? I can assist you to see the potential outcomes of your path. I am a Psychic Empath and I am here to help you on your journey in life.
Whilst I do take my work very seriously you are responsible for any decisions that you may make in life as are others connected to you.

For entertainment purposes only.


I am Clairsentient, Clairvoyant an Empath and Psychic. I am also a qualified Mediator and Counselor.


I have been working for over thirty years helping people just like you, I have been privileged to share in many journeys and witness the transformations that can occur with the correct guidance. I have given thousands of readings during that time and continue to work to offer the best possible experience to help you grow and develop in life.

Location: Devon, United Kingdom

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