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I’m here to give you help through my spiritual powers which I do by connecting with my spiritual guides and angels and they help me in tapping with the energies and knowing the past present and the future details of the particular person , situation and opportunity. So, basically I could help you with all your queries you have got in your mind pertaining to your love life , soul mate connection, marriage , break up , career ,finances, energy work and spell casting and protection.

I could tap with the energies just with the names and could help you understand the issue deeply by getting connected with the situation. I do tarot spread as well and could let you know the details of what the cards reveal by picking them and describing them efficiently, which could make you understand the problems which are causing issues and how to resolve them by giving proper guidance to be followed to achieve the positive goals ahead. I also give the timeframes which have always amazed my clients being spot on.

I completely trust my guides and angels over the visions and signs they give me which helps me to predict the future ahead. I have got the ability to remove the evil energy blockages and spells using my ancestral spiritual powers which I have been blessed with to sense, cure and stabilize the energies and make them positive changes around the person.

I have got 21 years of experience with sensing the energies and getting to know the thoughts, feelings and intentions of a person remotely, as I have got an experience in remote viewing. I’m happy that you have taken time to read my profile and would really love to connect with your energies or spread the tarot to help you with your concerns and make you feel at peace by the end of the chat, by clearing all your doubts and concerns and giving you a clear picture of the situation and guiding you through the right path for the particular issues to be resolved. I hereby invite you cordially into my chat room, so please with your free will and wish get connected to me and give me a chance to help you in all the possible ways I could. Thank you.


B.E (Information Technology)
Personally studied under the guidance Grandfather about soul connection and Medium ship for 7 years.


I’m an experienced psychic and tarot reader since 21 years when I first got acknowledge for my powers by others. Since then I started helping people with love and relationship, analyzing their dreams, fortune telling, career forecasts and sensing remote energies in different ways for them to gain stability in their lives. I believe in bringing peace to soul and heart of the people using my gift of spirituality which I have been blessed through my ancestors. I believe, “Every time you put something positive in the universe, the world changes. Your kindness invites miracles to show up. Not just in your world but in the whole world.”

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana India

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    Is it possible to contact my father who died 6yr before.

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