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Professional. I have been a psychic for a long time I was born this way, my grandmother use to read tea leaves in the war days. For the wife’s when their husbands went to war, I have helped a lot of people through out my life, and still helping people in the relationships. For people need guidance and because I work with the angels and the heavenly realm to give you the clarity you need in any situation. In my 48 years of experience in being a psychic, medium, I have helped a lot of people who have been broken hearted and down and out. It is a great achievement to see people happy and, in the place, they want to be.


Professional Psychic, Diploma in Tarot, Life coaching, Counselling, Meditation, Behavior disorders, Member of the Australian psychic association, member of International healing association I have been a psychic for many years and have my own practice healing center. I have done platform work in helping others understand how they can get where they need to be, in this life motivation in positive thinking.

Let me guide you and help you achieve the things you want in this life and show you how.


I am a Psychic Teacher that comes from a long line of Psychics and Mediums. With my gift and Spiritual intuition, I will give you the answers and messages from the Angels. .


I will offer you nothing but the truth and help you make right decisions, shedding light on any situation, is important  so that you can get clarity you need.



Soul, Mates



Love and Relationship. 

Family Life and Marriage. Personal Growth and Emotional Well-being.  


Be prepared to know and change anything you want. 


Love and Light  



Location: Vic, Australia.

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