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Keys Capacity –
4th generation gifted clairvoyance
More than 18 years encounters of expert readings
Speak with Blessed messengers and Spirit guides
Coordinate/straight Answer in readings
Negative energy sensor and cleansing advisor
Clairvoyant reading and Mending
Reunited a huge number of couple
Love, Affairs, marriage issues
Relationship, extra marital, distance love
Vocation, Money related, Advancement in work
Astrology, Horary, Tarot card, Numerology reader
16 chart reading in Vedic astrology
Past life phobia & Dreams interpretation

Hi, welcome at my profile, myself Indi. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, natural mystic. I interface with blessed messenger, spirits and phantoms, aura channel point and perceive your waves where are your life inconveniences affecting your life prospects and if any dull vitality blockage are ceasing you. I am otherworldly guide and mentor, will bring insight on your root issues. I will do direct insight, give arrangements and future time periods for happenings. I do tarot cards reading and love tarot reading as well. I prepared in astrology, mystic love reading, numerology, past life relapse and dread reading, dreams interpretation, reunite lovers, relationship repair, picture reading and career reading.
I likewise do pet clairvoyant reading and connect their waves and rays, knowledge on their behaviour, circumstance and future.
I am rehearsed reader, mentor and counsellor for relationship, get lovers nearer in their partition circumstance, profound sermonizer in Hindu Mythology, bring situate waves and empower you for wanted objective. I am speedy typist and give immediate and straight answer, point to point reader.
If it’s not too much trouble keep rundown of your inquiries in the event that you have any as I might get to those inquiries fast and direct.


I am gifted and 4th gen master in my family. I have been reading for individuals from everywhere throughout the world for more than 18 years. I have natural extrasensory ability since youth
I have trained in Precious stone recuperating, aura healing, Mystic healing and reading, connection with heavenly attendants and family spirit, interface with spirits, Phantom connection, radio spirit, techno and marine spirit connection, toys and wood spirit, distance healing and transmission spiritual energy, colour mending, tarot cards on affection, numerology, Vedic astrology, Feng Shui, crystal mending, Horary in my Master’s hut under direction of numerous Indian master since I was in my ninth year of age. I am likewise doing my examination on mental turmoil individual for a long time as I can mend them as well, I am doing self-study about on Yoga and Ayurveda as well. I am additionally spiritual mentor in Hindu prayers and aficionado to Hindu Goddess Kali, Baglamukhi and Tripur Sundri, devotees of das mahavidya. I accomplished degree MBA, Gold Medallist in horary, jyotish shree in astrology, Honor of Astrology and jyotish siromani.


I am exceptionally energetic, eager and sorted out person. I am doing readings since 1997. I read over Telephone lines, live chat, email, video meetings and in person visit at my neighbourhood shop.
I am doing readings with since March 2008. I did successful readings for in excess of 15000 customers here and have been accomplished approx. 14000 reviews at my rating page. I did free prayers for many customers at and my neighbourhood shop.
I did astrology, tarot card, psychic readings in International Astrology fair organised by ITPO, New Delhi, India consistently in year 2007/2008/2009 and have been achieved awards ‘Honor of astrology’, ‘Jyotish Siromani’.
Numerous articles in Indian astrology (Hindi) have been published in Hindi monthly magazine & Newspapers.
I have been reading for individuals from everywhere throughout the world for more than 18 years. I have performed a large number of effective readings in recent decades for people, celebrity actor and actress in Indian cinema (Bollywood), Politician, Business peoples. I have clients in Hollywood, they are script writer, film maker, TV shows maker, actor and actress in LA.

Location: Ghaziabad, UP India

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