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My name is Nicola and I would like to welcome you to my world. A place where my psychic intuition, tarot cards and empathy can help pick you up and set you on a positive path.

Everyone has intuition. Often they’ll know something is wrong in their life but their intuition isn’t strong enough to know what is wrong or what they can do to help improve their path. I can use my skills to help you find what is holding you back and look for solutions. I believe the power of the tarot comes from telling you what your current path holds and if you don’t like it you can use your free will to change your path. By using both tarot cards and my other skills I can quickly get to the heart of the matter. The news I share may not always be what you’d like to hear, however I firmly believe you are owed the truth. You will hear what I see, feel and know in my soul. Whether you are looking for the answer to a specific question or wanting a general reading of what is to come, I will be happy to help you in a non-judgmental way.

I have followed 1000’s of clients through many stages of their lives and they all know that I truly care about what happens to them and want to see them as happier and stronger and more trusting of their own intuition.


I have been giving professional psychic tarot readings for twelve years and have been studying the tarot and other intuitive skills throughout my life. During a reading you will not be judged on your questions or situation. I understand and have dealt with many delicate matters and you can count on being treated with respect and kindness. I am here to help you in any way that I can and my goal is for you to leave the reading with a better frame of mind and hope for the future.

Location: Ohio, United States

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