10 Most Famous Psychics in History

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The 10 most famous psychics in history are also among the most controversial. Each psychic presented different abilities ranging from clairvoyance and predicting the future, to communicating with the deceased, and even communicating with other types of celestial beings. All of them have their share of followers and skeptics.  Whether their abilities are considered legitimate or the accounts of their predictions are consistent or circumstantial, it stands that these 10 famous psychics will remain well known for the claims about their abilities for a long time to come.

Famous Psychics in History

  1. Nostradamus

Nostradamus was French physician and seer. He is best known for his book Les Propheties. The book was a collection of his prophecies which were published annually as almanacs. Many of his prophecies were written in a style referred to as quatrains. Nostradamus was also an astrologer. He read created birth charts for clients as a means of fortune telling. His books and almanacs contained over 6,300 prophecies. And, many of his most detailed predictions have come to pass since their publication nearly 500 years ago.

Famous Psychics in History

  1. Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was an American psychic most well-known for channeling prophecies and learning healing cures while in a sleep/trance state. By the historical accounts describing his abilities, his readings seemed to include astral projection, learning by osmosis, mediumship, seeing auras and retrieving cures for ailments.  Even as one of the most famous psychics in history, Cayce was reluctant to receive direct payment for his readings and is said to have read for Thomas Edison and George Gershwin.

Famous Psychics in History

  1. Jeane Dixon

Jeane Dixon was an American Astrologer and psychic. In her early years, she wrote for a syndicated astrology column for a newspaper. She is said to have predicted the assassination of John. F. Kennedy. It is rumored that Richard Nixon followed her predictions. In subsequent years, she gave professional advice to former First Lady Nancy Reagan and other prominent figures. Jeane published several books that reflected on spirituality, astrology and even included publications with horoscopes for dogs and cats.

Famous Psychics in History

  1. Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann was an American author and psychic. He helped to develop the Remote Viewing process and offered his talents for parapsychology research. Ingo was particularly interested in the mental processes that occurred during paranormal events. He is most well-known for ESP experiments he was part of. These included remote viewing and out-of-body experiments. He was also a participant in tests for psychokinesis and other sensory perception abilities.

Famous Psychics in History

  1. Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne claimed to be a psychic who started having visions at the age of 5. She claimed abilities as a medium and that additionally, her grandmother and great-uncle also had mediumship abilities. Included in her abilities she says she was able to see angels and had the ability to speak with her spirit guide named, “Francine” who told her about her former lives. Sylvia authored many books related to paranormal interests. In 1974 she began giving psychic readings. Sylvia was a regular guest on television and radio programs and would read for audiences, and eventually hosted an internet radio program o own.

Famous Psychics in History

  1. John Edward

John Edward is an author and psychic medium. He claims he was made aware of his fate to become a well-known psychic by a woman who read for him. He was about age 15 at the time. John began doing card readings for friends and family as a teenager and would also read at psychic fairs. As an adult, he offered psychic readings to his audience on a TV talk show he hosted named Crossing Over with John Edward. He has one of the most recognizable modern names connected to having the psychic ability of m hip.

Famous Psychics in History

  1. Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is clairvoyant, author and motivational speaker. She claims that as a young child her abilities included seeing and communicating with spirits. Doreen is the founder of Angel Therapy. She is most well known for her publications, courses and intuitive readings. Her works are related to angelic guides and guardian angels published by Hay House. In addition, she is the host of an internet talk radio show at Hay Ho dio.

Famous Psychics in History

  1. Chip Coffey

Chip Coffey is an American psychic medium, paranormal investigator and author. He is most well-known for hosting a documentary series titled Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. In addition, he also appeared in episodes of Paranormal State. Chip claims his psychic abilities manifested when he was a child. Though he has many abilities including clairvoyance (the ability to foresee future events) his readings are more focused on mediumship and connecting with those who have cro ver.

Famous Psychics in History

  1. Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian clairvoyant, healer and mystic. She was a blind woman famous around the world for many detailed predictions. Her foretelling disclosed upheaval related to government and politics. Though regrettably, she passed away in 1996, many of her predictions are still being recognized as accurate occurrences. Future predictions include an underwater civilization by the year 2130. She has also made a prediction we will travel to the planet Venus in s for resources.

  1. Esther Hicks

Esther Hicks is an inspirational author and teacher of the Law of Attraction. She claims that while in a trance state, she is able to translate messages from a group of non-physical entities. Together they are named, “Abraham.” Esther believes her ability taps into “infinite intelligence.” She has stated that her ability does not focus on predicting the future or to foresee events. Above all, her ability is to help guide people closer to live with greater joy. Esther meets with live audiences to teach Abraham’s wisdom. She does not prefer the term channeler to    be her ability.

There are other popular and accurate psychics around today. Their predictions shine a light on how dependable and helpful they can be for important matters. Would you like to comment about which of the most famous psychics is most familiar to you? Is there a famous psychic in history who didn’t make this list? We would love to get your opinion. Let us know!

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