Feeling Unhappy at Work? What is the Source of that Unhappiness?

Feeling Unhappy at Work? What is the Source of that Unhappiness?



Feeling Unhappy at Work? What is the Source of that Unhappiness?








Unhappiness at work has become a common problem nowadays. In fact, a vast majority of employees out there—at one point—have felt unhappy in their jobs or current positions. This is critical both in short-term and long-term success; plus, it can greatly contribute to productivity, health, and so forth. There are two questions that stand out regarding this matter: Why are so many people unhappy with work and why aren’t they doing anything to fix this predicament? Now, you may also ask yourself how to get pleasure from a job? We’ll try to answer these and tackle what makes an expert psychic with regard to career counseling.

According to studies, there are two primary reasons why employees are unhappy at work at despite this, they choose to stay in their, say, discouraging jobs instead of starting a new career. The first one is they can’t figure out the reason of their unhappiness; in the process, they feel illogical and think there’s no other way to get rid of the said state. The second one is they don’t have an idea of what to do next. Simply put, they know that there’s something wrong, but they don’t have the mindset to change or even identify a viable option that they pursue. The factors that are included here are going to be elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs and hopefully, they can help you make the right career choices.

Reasons for Unhappiness

In an effort to help you understand why you’re feeling unhappy, here is a brief list of notable reasons.

  • Salary

Do you feel that you’re working extra hard, but getting paid pennies? Then, you are not alone. When you think that there’s a disparity between the level of effort that you put in and the amount of pay that you receive, then it’s natural to seek a career change and think that your existing job is a waste of time, effort, and everything in between. In line with this, looking for the happiest jobs should be in your radar anytime soon.

  • Stability

After some time, you just can’t miss (no matter how hard you try) patterns, behaviors, and decisions among others, that lead you to believe that your current job is unstable. For instance: you worry about being fired or laid off and eventually worry about the state of the entire company. Regardless of the reason, you encounter the feeling that your job is unstable and this leads to the accumulation of stress. Which, by the way, may lead to a wide array of health problems.

Furthermore, one of the most essential things that an enterprise—regardless of its size—can offer its employees is a stable environment. As you can see it’s not just about getting pay checks and having a proven track record when it comes to stability can somewhat inject a sense of happiness in your tenure as an employee.

  • Future

Yes, at present, you’re doing well in your position, but do you see room for advancement? For instance, are your salary increase requests always being turned down? Are there promotions? How about opportunities to learn? Bear in mind that the opportunity to learn new things and being educated is essential in basically any company position, especially if you’re in the early stages of your promising career. Therefore, make it a point to learn as much as possible in your employment since this is the key to career development. Also, if your company lacks the mentioned aspects, then it’s natural to feel stagnant, contemplate new career ideas, or work toward something that leads to greener pastures.

  • Colleagues

Do you think that the people that you work with don’t like you? Do you get the feeling that you’re not working with the right number of people that you respect, admire, and so on? Then, it’s normal to think of career change ideas since the social aspect of work creates a huge impact on making you stay or otherwise. This, given the fact that you spend a huge chunk of your day at work. Putting this factor into consideration, it is only fitting that you are surrounded by individuals who support you and work with you as a team.

  • Flexibility

Do you work in a flexible and results-oriented environment? Flexible in a sense that you can take your family out for dinner in a heartbeat and easily turn down any task that is not of your expertise? If you are, then you’re in a good situation; otherwise, you consider seeking change of career advice. Why? You ask. This is because flexibility at work means that your company is more interested in your success rate and basically completing your job with excellence, efficiency, and everything in between rather than completing your work hours at any time of the day. To add, chances are: the less flexible your job is, the unhappier or more bored you may become.

  • Work demands

Do you work in a high-pressured and stressful environment? Are you expected to do or finish tons of work with little time on your hands? This is not ideal in many ways because you may not focus on your work; as such, the quality of your work may falter.

Feeling Unhappy at Work? What is the Source of that Unhappiness?







  • The work itself

You may already know that all of us have unique personalities that thrive in specific environments. For example, some excel when working with a certain group of people, while others can work with whoever’s there. Also, some enjoy making decisions while others are more on the working behind the scenes type. Putting all these into consideration, finding an endeavor that hits your sweet spot is a clear ingredient of happy employment. It is safe to say, that you can never go wrong with this one and it’s the best career for me.

  • The challenge

When working, are you challenged to grow? Are you exposed to tasks that you feel can make you better? Whether through assignments, informal mentors, educational opportunities, and the like? Simply put, a company that helps you grow way beyond your current skill set and knowledge is a good one.

What to do

As soon as you pinpoint the factors that contribute to your unhappiness it is best to start making meaningful actions. This is where a psychic that performs career counseling can help. With the help of the said expert you can find your dream job in the most effective and efficient way possible. Compared to traditional counselors, psychics utilize intuition to help you find what you are looking for. They believe that all the answers that you need are already inside you and you just have to make things happen. How do they do this? Continue reading to find out how.

  • Pinpoint your gifts

As mentioned earlier, you have gifts, strengths, aptitudes, talents, and so on. If you still don’t know them, then a psychic can help find them by performing palm readings. These procedures can give you insights regarding your personality. Based on the results, you can find out what kind of occupations or work environments complement you. These, in turn, can boost your success rate.

  • Discover your passion

Don’t you feel passionate regarding any career? Or maybe you love or want to engage in a myriad of tasks or jobs and because of this, you just can’t make up your mind? Well, this is where a psychic can help by acting as a career advisor. He/she can start searching on issues that matter to you the most. In the process, be focused and honest when answering questions. The long list may include: What do you care the most? What are the issues that are important? What line of work do you prefer? These are only some of the most important inquiries and it is best to come up with a list before your appointment so that you can give the most appropriate answers.

  • Explore your options

Exploring for options and opportunities can easily get rid of professions or lines of work that may clash with your passions, gifts, values, and so on. This, in itself, is a great way to answer the question: How to find a career you love? Also, by exploring your options, you can zero-in on a career that can highlight your skills.

In line with this, a psychic can help you explore the options that are available for you and the ones that can complement your gifts, passions, strengths, abilities, and the like. Before your appointment, it is important to jot down the aforementioned attributes to make sure that the quality of your reading won’t be compromised. For example, if you excel in writing, maybe you can consider a career as a novelist. After completing this part, you can go online and check sites such as Linkedin, Markerbase, Beyond, Xing, and other professional networking sites.

  • Formulate a plan

Now that you have addressed the prerequisites, it’s time to formulate a plan. This crucial whether you are contemplating of a career change at 40, starting up, transitioning from one job to another, or just looking for a new job. This process can be likened to an architect that rely on a blueprint to build a house.

To add, your plan can make future decisions a lot easier and more straightforward. Your plan needs to include possible resources that can play important roles in helping you succeed. For example, how will you obtain the funds to address training and education expenses if the situation calls? Are there enterprises out there that offer internships? If there are; make sure to include them in your plan. Accordingly, do your homework and research for industries, job descriptions, and potential companies, just to name a few. Make sure to include plan adjustments that you need to employ when unfortunate circumstances arise. In line with this, make sure to keep on innovative developments in your chosen field.

Summing up

There you have it, some of the factors that contribute to unhappiness at work and tips as well as pointers on how you can eliminate them and regain your “fire” with help from a psychic who specializes in career advice. By taking heed of them and tapping your inner gifts and strengths, among others, you can achieve a fruitful and happy career that is just one for the books.

How about you? Do you have other work tips that you want to share or a success story on how your employment status changed after you talked to a psychic? Give us a shout at our comments page.

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