What Do Dreams About Ghosts Mean?

How to talk to spirits in dreams

The Astral Realm can be accessed through our dreams, which are actually portals that lead to a different reality –a reality inhabited by spirits of various kinds. Spirits can be either discarnate entities like angels and demons or the souls of people who passed. Even if the material and the spiritual realm are not directly connected, spirits can actually try to contact us, primarily through our dreams, as that’s the easiest’ channel’ they can use to reach us.

Dreams are ghosts’ natural environment.

A ‘ghost” cannot exist in dreams simply because a dream is a natural “habitat” of a ghost, so there’s nothing unnatural about it. What we consider as a ghost is the manifestation of a spirit in the material world. However, the astral planes are far more accessible for a spirit than the physical plane because their appearance in a dream requires a much lesser amount of spiritual essence than it does in the real world. It’s much easier for a ghost to enter a dream than to enter a physical space.

The purpose of a spirit’s visitation

It is believed that when a ghost comes to you, it’s usually a spirit that has a specific purpose for contacting you. There are instances of ghosts who refuse to leave a person they deeply love, especially if they feel some responsibility towards that person, and they may decide to stay and protect them. Alternatively, if a ghost has a strong connection to a place, they may choose to linger for a while. In that case, the ghost may try to make itself visible to those who inhabit this place through dreams or even visions.

Protecting yourself from harmful spiritual attacks

The intentions of a ghost may vary. In case you dream of a ghost that’s being violent or seductive, that’s something you should be leery of and should be considered as an unwanted visitation. First of all, it is advisable to ask for protection from your angels, spirit guys, or even God, especially if you want to communicate with the spirit, and you need a kind of spiritual ‘shield’ around you that will protect you from harm. It would help if you did not give the ghost any power by showing fear, as they might use your fears to get what they want, which is usually your spiritual essence. If a ghost drains you of your spiritual essence, you will feel depressed, weak, and low on energy. Violent ghosts are generally spirits that feed off of negative emotions like fear, anger, depression, and confusion. The more suffering they can cause, the more energy they can harvest.  The way to dodge their attacks is to see this as no more than an attempt to hassle you that cannot affect you. By not playing their game, you are practically disarming them, and they will not disturb you again, as their attempt to frighten your strong aura will immediately reject you. You can keep your body and aura clean by taking cleansing baths with salt and sage or lavender. A clean body prevents unclean thoughts/vibes from getting attached to you.

Memories as ghosts

A ghost in a dream may also represent a memory that comes from the subconscious, either as a reminder of something you need to do, a spiritual task you have neglected, or as a message in times of need. A dead person may try to convey some information or a valuable piece of advice, especially if it’s a loved one who passed. A spirit may be trying to help you through their presence somehow, and their visit may affirm something in your subconscious. In many cases, a ghost can be a past life “residue,” and that’s why the appearance of a ghost in your dream may have the purpose of guiding you in your present life, showing you the karmic debts you need to pay in this life or the karmic rewards you are going to receive.

Haunting from the past

A ghost can also represent guilt and unpleasant memories of the past that are still haunting you. Regrets you have about things you’ve done, emotions that you are trying to suppress, stuff you feel embarrassed for, or mistakes you are trying to forget, and you pushed deep into your unconscious mind. Interacting with the ‘ghost’ in your dream can release this dark energy by bringing it to the light of your conscious awareness. The mere act of remembering the dream will cause you to face those memories to put them to rest and use the energy for something else then repressing them. A ghost in a dream can be an agent of memory retrieval that will help you restructure your actual memories to give you a sense of empowerment by addressing painful feelings such as self-blame, shame, fear, anger, sadness, humiliation, or guilt.


A ghost that guides

Sometimes when you are going through troubling times in life, the issue you are dealing with can manifest as a ghost in your dreams. The ghost, in this case, represents your problem and its actions in your dream indicate the way this issue affects you. The presence of a ghost in your dream indicates your psychological position on something and if the dream is unpleasant, that’s an indication that your emotional state is not where you want it to be. Your subconscious is trying to show you what the problem is so that you work on the problem creatively instead of trying to ignore it. If you practice lucid dreaming, you can interact with the ghost in a conscious manner, which may help you resolve an issue. The mode of communication with the spirit world is not necessarily human, which means there will probably be very little in human language that you can use to interpret and communicate with spirits. The communication will be primarily through symbols and images.


Inviting a ghost for a chat

You can even try to invite a ghost to visit you in your dreams if you are focusing consistently on that before you fall asleep. You can do so by keeping your eyes closed, trying not to fall asleep, and you keep on holding the image of the person or spirit in your mind, at the same time thinking about the question you want to ask them or the matter you want to discuss. State your intention for communication. It is good to keep a dream journal, noting down everything from your dream and your interaction with the ghost you evoked as soon as you wake up. Usually, the best time to invite them is just before sleep or only upon waking up – as if the frequency of communication exists “in between.” If you manage to have repeated dream sessions with a specific spirit, after a couple of weeks, look back through your journal and see if there are any recurring images, symbols, objects, or thoughts. To understand the meaning of your dream and the message a ghost is trying to convey, you must have a thorough knowledge of your own self, especially when it comes to deciphering symbols.

Seeing a ghost in your dream can be exciting or scary, but whether you decide to communicate with it or not, keep in mind that when you are interacting with the Spirit world, it’s crucial to have a strong aura. Your aura is your soul power, and your soul is your identity in the astral planes. You can empower it with spiritual practices, like yoga, meditation, visualization, and also grounding exercises – activities that connect you to Earth and the material world.  And don’t forget – nothing can enter your spiritual ‘atmosphere’ unless you allow it to.



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