How to Have More Energy and Zest for Life

The stresses of modern life, lack of sleep, long to-do lists both at home and work, responsibilities, plus wanting to exercise, eating well, being social and spiritual, having hobbies – ah, so much to do, so little energy. Most people today don’t have enough zest and vitality despite all the coffee, chocolate, supplements, and superpower foods.

Even those of us who have more time, get to sleep more, and may have the financial resources to delegate some of our tasks such as cleaning and ironing, may find ourselves lacking in energy. We may feel down or even depressed, and not just rarely but quite frequently, maybe even chronically.

We may think others are happy and something is wrong only with us. But just because people keep smiling or post seemingly happy, glorious posts on social media doesn’t mean they have the willingness or the vitality to live a truly fulfilling life. Even your good friends might not be telling you about their daily depressions – it takes a certain amount of courage to accept certain emotional realities and share them with others.

Generally speaking, not having enough energy on a permanent basis points at a severe block at one of the lower three chakras – which rule the legs, the bones, the hips, the adrenal glands, the digestive system – basically any organ and system below your third chakra level in the navel. (If you already have physical symptoms, you should consult your physician).

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What are the Chakras?
The seven chakras are the energy centers of our body with the first being located at the base of our spine and the seventh at the top of our head – ascending vertically through our spine, one above the other, each ruling a layer of our aura, as well. Seven chakras include Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra.

Each chakra is like a vortex, taking in energy from the environment, processing it inside, and releasing it back into the environment. You can think of each chakra like a green leaf that makes “food” by using the Sun and air. Our seven chakra are in constant motion, always in a receiving and giving mode with the environment. When blocks are present, we either don’t receive much energy from the environment and we give out more than we receive, or we take in a lot and we don’t know how to release. Either dynamic creates an imbalance and affects our energy levels.

Identifying Your Chakra Blocks
The main reason why the lower three chakra get blocked lies in your childhood which includes your childhood home environment, family dynamics, social rules, and the negative beliefs you might have internalized such as “I am not worthy of a good life,” “I am not able to support myself,” “life is difficult,” “the world is a terrifying place,” “I am a burden” or “People are a burden to me.”

Our subconscious is extremely creative – you might have formed such crazy ideas and you might not have realized them yet. Look at your life – in which life areas do you have chronic sameness? Always single? Always in dysfunctional relationships? Always penniless? Always saving and never having any fun? Too much of something and too little of another in a life area? Wherever there’s an imbalance, an exaggeration, or sameness, there’s a block to explore. Our beliefs become blocks in our chakra. They manifest as feelings and modus operandi before they manifest as physical ailments such as chronic tiredness, lethargy, and sleepiness.

A person with a robust first chakra trusts that she’ll survive and thrive, that life is safe and abundant, that she’ll go above and beyond meeting her basic needs, that she can also meet her “extra” needs such as good food, hobbies, beautiful things, a nice home etc. A blocked first chakra would create financial problems – either having too little or becoming a hoarder and having too much out of fear. Either way, people with first chakra problems tend to have financial issues.

So, for example, let’s assume you have a subconscious belief that goes, “I’m barely surviving. I can’t even imagine thriving.” This belief would make your first chakra take in less energy than it needs and give out more than necessary. You’d have unexpected expenses that make you spend more money than you make – mimicking your first chakra.

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What to do about Chronic Sameness
Chronic sameness can go away – but not overnight. You must be willing to get to know yourself however painful it is. Most of us don’t want to face our childhood pains – and some of us don’t remember what happened because we were too young. Some of us even carry wounds from past lives, as well as transgenerational wounds that we have inherited from our ancestors. All of these can affect our ability to lead a good life.

If you have a feeling that your problems might be coming from your past lives, you can always get a past life reading from a good, experienced psychic. If you have a sense that you’re carrying the burdens of your ancestors or other family members, you can explore Family Constellation work, or talk to a psychic who specializes in relationships and family issues and get a reading.

If you remember your childhood well, including the painful moments, and you decide to work on them, pick a qualified counselor, therapist, energy healer or a psychic – depending on your preferences. (If you believe you need meds, please speak to a psychiatrist or your physician).

When chakras are balanced
As you identify your limiting beliefs and begin to replace them, your chakra will start to function better. An amazing book on the subject is by Anodea Judith – Eastern Body, Western Mind. It’s a wonderful resource that explains each chakra in detail, as well as the associated blocks, the imbalances, and the underlying beliefs.

When your first chakra is balanced, you turn towards life – and not away from it, as many of us do, hiding at home in our pajamas, avoiding people, watching movies all day, not moving, maybe not even showering. We don’t tell others that we do this but many of us have this secret life where we are in hiding.

When your second chakra is balanced, you turn towards people – and not away from them. You are interested in relating to the opposite or the same sex for dating and physical fun (though a serious relationship might have to do with the heart chakra), you are interested in having friends, attending social events, and hearing people’s stories.

When your third chakra is balanced, you believe in making an impact in the world, leaving your little heart print whether it’s through your job, volunteer work, or your presence – just by being there for them, you might be helping people greatly. You don’t need to create “miracles” to feel that you’re making a change. A healthy third chakra doesn’t seek ego confirmations; it acts from spirit.

When the lower three chakra are strong and balanced, you have a tremendous zest for life. You want to get up in the morning and you want to be in the world. You want to experience it. Take a moment now to review your life and where your chronic sameness lies. It’s completely worth exploring the issue – we promise!

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