Love Forecast Promotion in 2015 by Zodiac sign, dates and meanings

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19)

 The whole year will be a path of ups and downs.
However the lunar eclipse on September 27th will pay off your efforts.
March will be the most romantic month of this year.


TAURUS (Apr 20th- May 20th)

January will be the month of achievements in your romantic life.
April and May will be the most favorable months of your love life. September will be a passionate month for the couples for a peaceful life.
2015 will be a memorable year.


GEMINI (May 21st-June 21st)

2015 will be a confusing year since the stars turn retrogrades frequently.
To lead a happy life, you need to let go of your bad habits.


CANCER (June 22nd- July 22nd)

Your love life will face fewer obstacles in September.
You will get yourself free from old love and will get a chance to move forward in your love life.
You will meet a lovely companion this year.


LEO (July 23rd- Aug 22nd)

Communication and understanding will be an obstacle in your relationship with your lover.
The Eclipse energy in April will allow you to meet ‘The One’ of your life.
Late July & September will be the months of return of old lovers.


VIRGO (Aug 23rd- Sep 22nd)

First half of the year will be filled with opportunities of love and adventure.
September and October will be the busiest romantic months this year. The partial solar eclipse in your birthday month will bring surprises.


LIBRA (Sept 23rd- Oct 23rd)

Your relationship will get stronger in January if you are loyal and sincere to your lover.
March to July, you will be forced to take major decisions of your love life. While in September you will be relaxed with what you have.


SCORPIO (Oct 24th- Nov 21st)
Solar eclipse in March will help you strengthen your bond with your lover.
April will be the month of surprises.


SAGGITARIUS (Nov 22nd- Dec 21st)

March & August will bring some serious stuff in your love life and old lovers respectively.
Lunar eclipse on September 27th will bring long lasting love and satisfaction will continue till the end of this year.


CAPRICON (Dec 22nd- Jan 19th)

Between March 18th and May 12th, you will find your life partner.
However summer will be less active for your romantic life.


AQUARIUS (Jan 20th- Feb 18th)

From January to August, you will have the most romantic time of the year.
Your loved one may have an insight that you are not much committed as you should be, but this will be eventually solved by your romantic actions for them.
End of the year will have on and off romance.


PISCES (Feb 19th- Mar 20th)

The whole year is filled with true and compassionate love between you and your life partner.

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