relationship worth fighting for

The relationship was definetly worth fighting for

Starting a new relationship can be a challenge even if the couple feel they are soulmates. A talented psychic can help you see beyond the day to day hurdles and give you the strength to make that relationship work. Your future is in your hands.

Here’s the story of how one Kasamba psychic did just that for a single woman in her late 30s.

“I met Amy years ago through Kasamba. She greatly helped me to accept and grieve through a relationship that had already ended. (Thankfully!)

A couple of years later I met someone else and it was definitely a great match. I had been with him for about a year. Over that year we had our tiny bumps that any new relationship goes through. However, at this point in time we disagreed about something pretty intensely and couldn’t seem to come to an agreement. In fact, we couldn’t even agree to disagree. The issue was the direction that the relationship was headed.

Naturally, I called on Amy to help me through this.

I felt so lost and confused and angry about the break up. She has always been extremely truthful, upfront, and correct.

She told me that my boyfriend had commitment issues. He cared about the ‘label” of what the relationship really was. She told me that he did not know how to let down his own emotional wall. He had a tendency to close down, and when he would close down nothing could pull him out of his corner. She told me that I had some problems with control, that I over analyze his actions too much.

While broken up, initial fears from the past were stirred up. The fears were of him and how he feels about a particular ex of his, who I know he respects deeply. At the beginning of the relationship this was a huge concern of mine, but Amy kept telling me that she nor his feelings for her should ever be a concern of mine. After much reinforcement from Amy that fear finally died down.

She was right, of course.

She told me that I would have to reach out and clearly communicate to him how I felt about things. And that it might take him a little while, but he would receive my feedback positively and then eventually his stubbornness would also soften away.

She told me we should throw our fears to the wind to try to trust the flow of a new relationship. She could see the energy bond between the two of us.

She could see that this relationship had true love written all over it.

Then she explained that people always think that when a soul mate walks in the relationship is airy fairy. It’s not true. A soulmate is someone we have chosen to work on our life lessons.

These types of relationships will often push every fear button we have. A true soulmate relationship does not guarantee happily ever after. Amy told me that a couple needs to work as a team and come to a middle ground especially if the couple are soulmates. She warned me that if these issues with communication could not be fixed, we would lose the chance at having a wonderful loving relationship.

I have to be honest, it was hard for me to bend at first, but I felt (as did Amy) the relationship was definitely worth fighting for. I took a deep breath, reached out to him, and took control of making sure I communicated exactly how I felt about he had acted. That allowed him to feel open enough to clearly communicate to me how he felt about the way I had acted.

The initial stubbornness shifted to clear communicating with each other. It took four weeks, which I felt was FOREVER! But by the end of those four weeks we were back together with a better understanding of each other!

Now, four years later,

we are still together and over the years we have continued to communicate and navigate through our relationship successfully. I am so thankful. Amy reminded me of the skills I need to work on and how to be more aware of myself. How to hold myself accountable without letting him get away from responsibility!

And what I also really appreciate about Amy through all these years is that she doesn’t bullsh*t. If she feels a relationship is one worth fighting for then she will let you know. And if she doesn’t, oh, she will DEFINITELY let you know, and then she’ll help you get rid of that bad energy to make way for better things.

Amy is honestly, the best… someone I consider a guide and a true friend.

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