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Common dreams and interpretations

Have you ever noticed patterns in your dreams? Do you find yourself dreaming about the same things over and over again?

Well, you are not the only one. Many people have similar dreams. And for as long as we have been dreaming, dream interpreters have studied these common dreams to find out their meaning.

Although people dream about similar things, these common dreams don’t always mean the same thing to each person. Dream interpretation depends on what you are experiencing in your life. When you read about these common dreams, think of how the symbols could represent a current situation in your life to unlock their hidden messages.

dream of fallingFalling dreams

Many people experience a dream that feels like they are falling from a cliff, a building, or higher ground. Although it can feel scary during the dream, this recurring dreams meaning doesn’t necessarily suggest that something bad will happen. It may point to a need for change or a feeling of uncertainty.

A Lack of Control

When falling, you lose your sense of control. So having this kind of dream could mean that some part of your life feels out of control, too. Do you have a relationship or friendship that feels emotionally out of control? Do you feel overwhelmed with work, family life, or health? It might be time to walk away from that situation to restore balance or to let go of the need to control in the first place.

Bad Lifestyle Choices

Common dream meanings help us reflect on our actions and sometimes give us the wake up call we need to realize it’s time for a change. If you dream of falling, it might be because you are currently making poor lifestyle choices. You might feel out of control because of your own reckless behaviors. Perhaps you need to make healthier choices. Otherwise, you may hit rock bottom, if you haven’t already.

Instability or Insecurity

Falling can indicate insecurity and instability somewhere in your life. You might not know where you stand in your career, home life, or financially. Do you feel insecure about yourself and need a confidence boost? Maybe you feel afraid that you will lose someone you care about.

Teeth Falling Out dream

It may seem strange, but many people have recurring dreams about their teeth falling out, rotting, or crumbling. This dream can feel shocking but doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with heading to the dentist. So what do dreams mean when it comes to teeth?

Concerns about appearance

Teeth play an important part when it comes to how attractive and healthy someone looks. So if you dream about problems with your teeth, this may reflect insecurities about your appearance. Do you currently feel undesirable or unattractive? Perhaps you spend too much time worrying about how you look. This type of dream seems to happen more often as people get older and deal with aging as well.

Communication problems

We use our teeth, not just to eat but also to pronounce our words. You may dream about teeth if you have recently had problems in communicating. Do you have trouble expressing yourself openly and honestly? Do you avoid confrontation and communicate in passive aggressive ways? Do you frequently feel misunderstood? These problems with communication could cause you to dream about teeth.

Health issues

Dreaming about teeth rotting or falling out could indicate health issues. Consider visiting the dentist for a checkup, improving your diet, and getting enough rest.

The feeling of helplessness

We use our teeth to bite, chew, and tear. If you dream of teeth falling out or rotting, you may feel powerless about a recent situation in your life. Do you lack confidence or feel used? You may need to step up, express yourself clearly, and learn to communicate assertively.

A sign of death

In most cases, psychic readers don’t believe that dreams usually predict death. But some people say that when they dream about teeth, it indicates that someone they know will get sick or pass away. You can decide for yourself the meaning and if this makes the most sense based on your current circumstances.

A sign of money

The tooth fairy is an old tradition; when a child loses a tooth, the fairy will bring money. So that’s why dream interpreters think that losing teeth in your dream could signify that a sum of money will come into your life soon.

Flying dreams

Have you ever felt like you could fly in a dream? This is one of the most common dreams. So what do dreams mean you fly?

A sense of control

Psychics consider flying a type of “lucid dream” because people feel some sense of control while flying. If you dream of flying, you may feel like you have your life, or a certain part of your life, under control. You feel strong in your personal power because you have a handle on the situation.

Seeing things in a new perspective

Flying gives you a new perspective on the world as you rise above. Your dream meanings may send you a message that you have grown and gained a better perspective in life from a new vantage point.

A sense of freedom and happiness

When flying in a dream, you probably feel light, happy, joyful, and free. Take this dream as a sign of hope to motivate you to continue on your current path.


Flying in a dream could indicate a deeper connection with your spirituality.

A need to escape

Flying dream meanings may reflect a need to escape from your current reality and fly away. Perhaps you need to leave a toxic situation for good or simply need a break.

Looking down on others

When you envision yourself flying, it could mean that you look down on others too much. Do you think too highly of yourself? Consider your thoughts and actions and make sure you don’t spend too much time thinking you are better than other people.

Test Taking dreams

Do taking test dreamyou remember the days in school when you felt nervous or unprepared for a big test? Many people experience this type of dream even years after graduating. As with most common dreams, test taking has to do with anxiety and stress. You may show up late for an important exam or completely fail. Sometimes people can’t understand the test because it’s in a foreign language or their pencil keeps breaking.

A fear of failing

If you experience anxiety in your life, it could manifest in your dreams. You may dream about failing a test because you feel afraid to fail in another area of your life like love, career, finance, family, or literally in school.

Setting too high of expectations

Dreaming of failing a test could indicate that you are pushing yourself too hard. If you set your goals or expectations too high, you may set yourself up for failure from the start. You could have a better chance of success by breaking up a big goal into setting smaller, bite size goals.

Lack of confidence

Sometimes when we don’t believe in ourselves, our dreams manifest these feelings of insecurity. If you dream that you don’t pass the test, you may feel afraid of failure. You may need to work on your confidence if you want to overcome your insecurity and succeed in your goals.

Feeling Scrutinized

Life isn’t all about passing tests, but sometimes people or situations can make us feel like we’re under too much scrutiny. Perhaps a toxic partner or critical boss has made you feel unworthy or unimportant. You may need to walk away from the situation and give yourself time to grow and thrive in a more positive environment.

Death dreams

Dreaming about death can seem very scary. Most will not know how to interpret dreams about death and may assume that something bad will happen. But many psychics agree that dreams about death don’t automatically mean that something bad will happen.

New beginnings

Many look at death as the end but do not realize that death is a doorway between one chapter to the next. With death comes new life. Dreaming about death can indicate the end of one phase while also welcoming new, often positive beginnings. This dream may signal a transformation and a period of self-discovery.

Death of old habits

A part of growth means recognizing when to let old, toxic habits “die” and move forward. Dreaming of death could indicate that the time has come to release the things in your life that no longer serve you and to embrace new, life-affirming habits.

Coping with death

When we are awake, people often suppress painful emotions that come through in our subconscious while dreaming. If you have recently lost a loved one or know someone suffering from an illness, you may cope with feelings of loss and grief in your dreams.

Dreaming of a deceased loved one

Many people have powerful dreams in which a deceased loved one speaks to them. This person may bring important messages to guide or protect you. They may also reach out to let you know that they love you and that they are okay.

A warning sign

Premonition dreams about death are very rare, but they do happen. Witnessing death could warn that you are on the wrong path in life and serve as a wake up call that you need to make changes. Deciphering dreams is a skill that requires experience and expertise. If you feel concerned about a recent dream, talk to an experienced dream interpreter who can guide you in common dreams meaning and to avoid harmful situations.

Snake Dreamsdream about snake

You might immediately assume that snake dream meanings symbolize something negative. Actually, as the symbol of medicine, the snake can relate to health and healing. When deciphering dreams, remember to think about the current situations in your life to understand the messages coming through in your visions, whether it symbolizes something positive or negative.

A symbol of transformation and growth

Just like a snake shedding its skin, dreaming of a snake can signify a time of transformation and renewal. Maybe you should move forward with any changes you have contemplated. If you fight with the snake in your dream, you may be resisting the change that needs to happen.


In the Old Testament, the snake represents the original sin, the voice that convinced Eve to take a bite of the forbidden fruit. Dreaming of a snake may represent some sort of temptation in your life. Perhaps you have been unfaithful to a lover or you are overindulging in food, sex, or other pleasures that have led to harmful consequences.

A symbol of healing

The snake symbolizes the medical profession and healing. While the snake’s venom is poisonous, it also holds the antidote. Dreaming of a snake may symbolize a period of healing or recovery. It may also be a sign that you should pursue a profession or role that involves healing or medicine.

A warning not to trust someone

Like the phrase “snake in the grass”, this dream may warn you about someone you know who is not true to their word. Snakes also have a natural ability to stay still and strike at the right moment. If you feel suspicious about someone or a certain situation, you may dream about a snake.

Showing up in public naked dream

Many people have a dream in which they suddenly appear naked in public, whether at school, work, or walking down the street. Nudity can have a number of dream interpretations. This recurring dreams meaning can make you feel very embarrassed, or free, depending on your upbringing and how it makes you feel.


Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? A naked dream could point to feelings of insecurity and the need to work on your confidence. You may feel like all eyes are on you, criticizing and judging you. Remember that people often overestimate how much others pay attention to them. But you may also sense the truth, that other people are indeed judging you harshly.


Feeling naked can relate to feeling exposed or vulnerable emotionally. Do you find yourself in a situation where you feel afraid to let your guard down and show your authentic self? Perhaps you dream of nudity because you feel scared of vulnerability and rejection from others.

Fear of Exposure

Sometimes people dream about nudity because they feel afraid of exposure of a secret. Are you hiding something? You may feel afraid of exposing the truth that you hide from others. Or maybe you have a hard time being yourself around people. Consider how the dream makes you feel (afraid and embarrassed, or confident and free) to gain a better insight into this dreams meaning.


Dreams are always up for interpretation, and nudity can mean something different depending on who you are and where you come from. If you dream of being naked and feel free and alive, this could mean that you feel a great sense of freedom, confidence, and empowerment in your life.

A need for attention

In some cases, dreaming of showing up naked symbolizes that you aren’t getting enough attention. For example, you may feel underappreciated in a relationship or at work.

dream about waterWater in your dreams

Seeing water in your dream represents the spiritual, subconscious realms of the psyche. Does the water appear very still and calm? Do you see strong tides and turbulent waves? Do you feel like you are floating or sinking? Water has many meanings so pay close attention to your dream in order to understand the message and what it represents.

Spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation

Many religious and spiritual traditions use water to cleanse and purify, not only the body but also the soul. Seeing water could mean you are experiencing peace of mind and serenity. If the water appears dirty or muddy, this may signify a need for emotional or spiritual cleansing.

Emotional reflection

The way that water manifests in our dreams can symbolize our emotional state “below the surface”. Calm, peaceful water may indicate that you feel emotionally stable. Walking on water or the ability to bend water could mean that you feel in control of your emotions. If you see stormy water, you may feel out of control, fearful, or anxious. If you imagine a tsunami or wall of water, you may feel overwhelmed by a situation in your life. Think of the dream and ask what it could be saying about your feelings.

Being Chased dream

Have you ever had a dream where someone chases you? In this common dream, you might run away from an attacker, an animal, or a monster. This type of dream leaves you with a feeling of intense fear, like you need to escape from someone or something threatening. You do all you can to run and hide.

Fear about a situation

Dream interpretation often means taking the meaning of the dream and looking at it as a metaphor of something you deal with currently in your life. If you have a dream of being chased, you likely have something in your waking life that makes you feel threatened, like you need to run away.

A need to escape

This type of dream indicates a feeling to escape from an uncomfortable, or even toxic, situation. Think about situations in your life right now. Ask yourself what experiences in your life would make you feel like you need to run or escape. Do you feel trapped? Perhaps you have experienced a lot of stress or anxiety lately. Have you been avoiding a situation that you need to deal with head on? You may need to face your fears and responsibilities in order to move forward.

Other interpretations of being chased include:

You are running away from yourself and need to face some internal emotions that you currently suppress.
You may dream that you are chasing someone else. This could mean you want to pursue certain goals and feel that you have fallen behind on achievements.
You have experienced a situation that makes you feel threatened, such as violence or sexual assault. Speaking to a professional, like a counselor, can help to process this kind of trauma.

a dream about a houseDreams about Houses

People often dream about houses. This interesting image in a dream usually represents a person’s internal psyche. You can learn a lot about your current state of mind by observing what happens to and within the house during a dream.


If you see a large mansion filled with beautiful, expensive things, this may reveal your personal ambitions. Perhaps you feel ready to pursue your goals more aggressively, increase your wealth, and access the finer things in life.

Strength and stability

A house can serve as a metaphor for our own lives. If you see a sturdy home with a strong foundation, this may reflect a positive self-image and a healthy state of mind. You may feel confident in the direction of your life and fulfilled in foundational aspects of life such as family, finance, romance, and career.

Fear and panic

Sometimes people dream of a house catching fire. This kind of dream can feel very scary but don’t panic. Seeing a house on fire may mean you need to repair something in your life. Perhaps you experience a lot of internal turmoil or poor mental health. If you dream about a house falling apart or crumbling, you may need to focus on rebuilding or repairing those core areas. If you witness flooding in the home, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed. To help understand this dream and begin healing, speak to a top-rated advisor who can listen and guide you through the process.

So what do you usually dream about?

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to remember your dreams? Each person has at least five dreams every night, but most forget 95% of those dreams within an hour of waking up.

Psychic advisors suggest keeping a dream journal to help you keep track and understand the meaning of dreams. If you write them down as soon as you wake up, you’ll have a better time remembering common dreams.

If you want to start deciphering dreams, you have to observe the things happening in your life. Take a look at situations and ask what the dreams are telling you.

Deciphering dreams and understanding their true meaning can take a lot of experience. If you really want to know what do dreams mean, speak with a trained psychic. Psychic readers have unique abilities to provide powerful insights into the meaning of dreams. Talk to a top-quality psychic and find out what your dreams reveal about you.

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