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Hello, I am a Natural Born Clairaudient and I usually HEAR messages and insights from a voice inside me. I had always known this gift since I was a young girl and many clients had told me that I said the exact words out of a person’s mouth. All I need is your name and specific question. Please do not give me dobs, dobs usually messes up pure info coming through. I promise to always be straightforward and honest. What i say to you is usually what is right and best for you.


Arthur Findlay College in England Trance Mediumship III, Prophecy and Mysticsm II, Clairaudience Level III

Location: Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

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  1. 1


    Hello Can I please get a reading from you? I heard many great things from you. can you please give me a reading? I hear you are the best. How can I contact you?

  2. 2


    Hi Marcus,

    In order to contact Danielle, you need to clikc on the button above, where it says: “Get a 3 Mins Free Reading Session with Danielle”

  3. 3


    Thank you for your reply. I didn’t realize someone would actually reply! can you please ask Danielle to contact me through my phone number? I am not very secure in giving my credit card details online. My friend recommended me to Danielle Psychic and he said she is the real deal. I would prefer to chat with her on the phone please. Thank you in advance.

  4. 4


    Hi Marcus,
    You can have a phone conversation with Danielle by clicking in this link , if she is not available/offline, send her a message and also press in the button “notify when available” to get automatic notifications from the system to see her online.
    You will need a payment method to contact her, you get 3 free minutes in the chat and payment starts in the 4th minute. Hope you can find some available time to connect.

    Have a great day!

  5. 5


    Has anyone had readings with Danielle where her predictions have come to pass?

  6. 6


    HI Sam,
    Yes, more than 7000 reviewed Danielle, there are lot of people happy with here reading. Check here for more information.

    Have a good day!

  7. 7


    I have had a few readings with Danielle. She does not ask for DOB and her details regarding all the people I asked her about have been very accurate. The things she said would happen in a short time did happen and I am actually looking to have another reading with her right now. She is the real deal!

  8. 8


    I too am glad to have found Danielle outside of Kasamba as her details are on point!

    How often is she on this site?

  9. 9


    I finally had a reading with her, thank you. Danielle was very eloquent and detailed, she gave me insights and advice on what I needed to know. She also knew my girlfriend had a miscarriage a few years ago…that really blew my kind that she knew. I will contact her again in the future, thanks again.

  10. 10


    I tried to connect with her but she didn’t accept me. I read her profile and then tried to contact her but she didn’t respond. I genuinely wanted her help in a matter and not a ‘leech’ client as she has stated some people are in her profile. I did send her an email hopefully she could tell me why she didn’t want to read for me

  11. 11


    She contacted me back apologized for the inconvenience. She is very prompt and professional :). Thank you

  12. 12


    no worries, she is one of most accurate advisors, She is probably busy most of the time. Have a fantastic day!

  13. 13


    This person Danielle Psychic is literally the very best reader I had ever come across! Her accuracy and insights to my situation was so true that I am completely blown away!! Yes, she is extremely honest but everything she says is extremely accurate and real. She also gives very detailed information about your situation. When she gives you an answer, she backs it up with detailed reasons as to why she said something. I will always be a fan of hers!!

  14. 14


    Thank you. I had been to Danielle about 5 times now and she was very patient and accurate with all my different situations. Other people on that site lie all the time. Only Danielle warned me when my person of interest is a bad egg. She is very full of wisdom and truth and accuracy. I LOVE HER!!

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