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I need very little information to perform a reading. I will not prompt you for information. When focusing on a specific person or situation, I am able to hear guides, feel others feelings and if you are to know I will be able to see thoughts. There is no psychic that can “read minds”, if someone claims this, it is untrue. I am able to provide timeline for predictions, by using playing cards, Tarot and the Lenormand deck as my tools.


Guides are the main source of information. Since they are here for us, in my experience they communicate what you should know at the time of the reading, which does not always match what you want to know. For that reason every reading is a new experience for me, even for my long time clients. Since we are constantly evolving, asking the same question 2 months later, may lead to an answer, because you may now be in a position to use it to grow, heal or help.


I have been receiving messages my entire life. Since I do not have an ON/OFF switch, I receive these messages when they are to be communicated to the people around me. This has included friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, etc. I have learned over the past 40 years that I must be honest and I just pass the information, trusting that you if you were not supposed to hear it, it would not have been communicated. So if you are looking for a specific response and you know you are not ready to hear a different one, I may not be the right psychic for you.

Location: Athens, Greece.

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    Anthony Gabriel

    Would you be kind enough to give me a call or a mail please.
    my mobile is 69XXXXX326,
    Thank you
    Tony Gabriel

  2. 2


    Hi Tony, how are you?

    If you want to contact EffieK, please do it using our contact buttons above.

    Happy new year!

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