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I am a Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, and Master psychic. Feel free to talk to me about anything that bothers you. All you have to do is just ask me a question! I ans all types of questions, **Love and Relationships** ,**Soulmates**, **Career**, **Money and Business**, **Dream analysis**, **numerology**, **Dream Analysis**, **Past life reading** ,**Aura Reading**, ** Energy healing**.So go ahead ,consult me to get answers.


I have been practicing Astrology for 20 years and Tarots and Reiki healing for 15 years.I wish to provide a listening ear to problems, untangle the situation by providing an in depth and optimum solution.I provide my services with Accurate Time Frames and rest assured no sugar coating. Just the truth the way it shall be and the way one needs to know it!!


I Am a jyotish Visharada holding a degree in astrology, I am a reiki Master and Healer. Helped many since 20 years.I am running astrology classes online and I give remedies to solve the problems too.

Location: Kundapur, Karnatake state , India

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    Hi am shilpa I ve read your website and I would like to talk

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    Hi Shilpa,
    in order to start talking with Godsverdict4u, you need to click in the “get free mins” button.

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