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I have an angel with me and the angel name is Golden Eye. I am one of top expert on Kasamba & liveperson since 2004. My golden eye angel helps me in Spirituality & Religion questions. You will be one of my satisfied clients. I received more than 24000 wonderful ratings and reviews. My chief interest is in Astrology & Horoscopes, because it is mathematics and my charts will solve mystery of your life. I can help you by kundli and charts with your signs and position of nakshatra and stars and give you quick remedies for issues related marriage, love, job and finance.

My approach will give you clear ideas about any problems in your life after readings with me you will have all answers. My Numerology readings and number calculations will give you lucky numbers for lotto and lottery. Lucky names and numbers are useful in buying stocks or selecting a residence or store. I am master in Tarot Reading. Tarot cards readings can provide you answer through cards and spreads. You will get quick answers about future love relationship romance and money. This is a part of fortune telling method.

I am master in Psychic Reading. I am medium as well. It is my powerful strength. By using that I can read your lovers mind and his or her thoughts. I am wonderful in Palm Reading, by reading your lines on palm I can give you quick answers about kid’s line, fate line, life line, head line, love line and marriage lines. Palmistry also predicts time frames for your marriage and kids. Also you can get advice related to Spell Casting for love spells and money spells.

I am an expert in energy healing and cleansing. Love Psychics reading can help you to know about your lover’s commitment power and direction. My readings are helpful even if you are Single. I also give you tips for Dating someone. I have lot of advice for Parents & Children issues. My advice is useful in cases of Cheating & Affairs. I also give best advice in Breaking Up & Divorce, I can give you timeframe of divorce and reconciliation. My consulting advice will improve your Marital Life. I am master in Cartomancy. I am expert in Vedic Astrology and these type of readings will give compatibility match for any relationship & marriage. Indians couple use this for marriage compatibility, match and other issues.

I am also expert in Chinese Astrology, and these type of readings will give you quick analysis and idea when you will hear from your soulmate and when you will marry him or her. I will give you careeer readings in all areas of Career Forecasts, promotions and job interviews and offers. My Angel Card Readings will help you to find what your twinflame think of you and when he / she propose you.


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  1. 1


    Is it possible to contact my father who died 6yrs before ?

  2. 2


    Yes, there are mediums and past life readers that can help you contacting with him….

  3. 3


    Hi ….I m in mumbai…can I meet u up personally…can I hv ur cnt no. for appointment

  4. 4


    Can Ms.Jenny provide a few names who are authentic mediums but will charge very reasonably.

  5. 5


    Hi Jambook, you can check out this page about our best mediums, you can find variety of prices from $2 to $16 per minute…. Blessings….

  6. 6


    What is the charge in rupee

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