How to Turn Obstacles into Stepping Stones

Part of being alive as a human being is feeling a deep desire to manifest new realities, whether they are improved versions of our current reality or completely new situations. This is what differentiates us from plants and animals  – our desire to create, change, improve things. A dog might prefer the sofa to the floor but it wouldn’t occur to a dog to invent the sofa. It’s kind of like that – us humans can imagine, envision, and make things happen.

The path from that first spark of inspiration to that much-desired final manifestation is rarely just straightforward. Often it involves hardships, time, patience, more hardships, more time, and more patience, and then some more. Sometimes it involves giving up for a while only to come back to the dream at a later time. At other times, it pushes us to review our priorities and decide what it is we want the most.


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The 3 Steps of Manifestation

1 – Having a strong desire

The whole thing starts with having a desire. If you don’t have any desire to manifest something, you might be in depression because it’s very human, part of our nature, to want things – it can be wanting to have a calm day out in nature, wanting peace of mind, wanting new friends, wanting to explore a new activity, wanting health, or wanting to buy something new. It all starts with desiring a new or an improved situation.

Often, we don’t summon enough desire towards a goal. Sometimes we think it’s cool to be nonchalant. Or we tell ourselves we are just going with the flow. Truth is, even rivers have riverbeds; they don’t just flow anywhere. They have a direction, strong momentum, and a clear purpose – to reach the sea or the ocean. Many of us “go with the flow” because we’re afraid to desire brand-new situations for ourselves.

Not having enough desire is the first obstacle to overcome. Sometimes we subconsciously even believe that staying in an unhealthy situation is better than going out there and looking for new options. So we don’t summon the desire to walk away. The problem isn’t the unhealthy situation then. The problem is our lack of desire and initiative. Only when we have the desire to change things can we begin to act.

2 – Clearing the beliefs

The second obstacle to turn into a stepping stone is our internalized and rarely contested beliefs. Once we summon strong desire towards manifesting a new or improved outcome, what stands between us and the thing we want is our age-old belief system – things we internalized as a child without a proper mental filter.  If, for example, our parents worked really hard to make a living, and we experienced poverty, we can easily end up believing that we need to work really, really hard to get things done, that those things don’t have a way of being easy for us.

We might even exalt difficulty and overcoming difficulty as a good thing because we want to feel good about ourselves. We want to believe we are leading a meaningful life. If this is the way you believe, you’re more likely to put yourself in situations where it is actually true. You work very hard while some people out there don’t and have better, easier lives. You might be blaming the system or your parents, but none of those factors is as big an obstacle as your own beliefs about how life works, about how your life works.

If you are adamant that life always deals you a bad hand, that you just don’t have the luck, it’s then unlikely for life to be able to push its way through your thick walls of belief. If there’s a group of people the universe favors, it’s those people who have the flexibility of thought of emotion, who can create psychological and spiritual openings for good things to come in. Your parents, your childhood, your community, and even your country might have all contributed to the way you believe your life works, but it’s now completely up to you to believe the way you want to believe.

Practice believing that life can be easy, that good things can come to you. Learn to “tolerate” the goodness of life – when we are so used to the difficult, the challenging, the tough, the harsh and the cold, it would at first be difficult to let the warmth, the abundance, the ease in. You can’t change 40 or 50 years of wall-building in one minute. So it’ll take practice to open yourself to the goodness out there but it’s worth trying, isn’t it?


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3 – Cultivating the ability to receive

Once the first two steps are dealt with, the last one happens to be cultivating the ability to receive. Let’s, for the sake of an example, imagine that we are spiders (here’s a wonderful spider documentary. The first stage would entail having a desire for food, to catch some fly to eat. The second stage would entail believing that we can easily create a web. That life will help us build a strong web in a good location. That we have the ability to generate the web out of our own bellies. And that even if some environmental factor ruins our web, we can build it again. We trust our own ability and that of the universe to create a fly-catching web even if it takes a few trials.

The third stage then is waiting. We have the desire, we have the web, now we need to wait for a fly to come by. This stage can be nerve-wracking. It’s like waiting to hear from the colleges you applied to. Or jobs you sent your resume to. Or waiting for a reply from someone you texted. It’s that waiting period. If you’re thinking this is a passive period and you have no control over things, well, think again.

It’s very important to keep your intention alive and your beliefs positive and self-supporting during this time. You can meditate to achieve this state of mind. You can talk to a supportive psychic to understand the situation better. Keep positive, keep believing, and prepare your soul-space for receiving the thing that you really want. If you aren’t in a receiving mode, the universe can’t force outcome son you. Going back to the spider, a fly might come but it’s you who needs to go and eat it.

Getting support

All of this is easier said than done, we know. That’s why it’s always a good idea to consult a friend, a professional coach or a really good psychic to get help and stay the course. As you practice these three steps, you’ll realize that a lot of small things will start to work themselves out before it’s the big things’ turn. Don’t give up – it’s worth manifesting beauty, abundance, health and love. It’s worth being on Earth, worth working on ourselves, and definitely worth improving our lives and those around us. This isn’t an accidental existence. We’re here to learn deep soul lessons. We’re here to be a true part of creation by co-creating our soul desires. Keep desiring; it’s a good thing and it’s meant to be. It’s what makes us alive.


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