How to ask your spirit guides for help and get answers

Have you been feeling a deep yearning, a relentless itch to open yourself up to higher powers? Do you need wisdom that is above and beyond human capability, that is divine by its very own nature, serving your soul’s absolute highest good only? From asking spirit guides for signs to asking them very specific questions, to an easy and effective meditation to connect with spirit guides, we compiled the best tips from the best psychics and mediums on the web.

First things first: types of spirit guides

Most mediums agree that there’s more than one type of spirit guide. While you can try to access archangels and the angels under them, they are meant to serve different overall purposes in our world. The spirit guides, on the hand, are guides who are tasked with helping humans specifically. Their work is more focused, more detail-oriented, and more human-specific.

We each have a spirit guide who’s assigned to work with us, be there for us for the whole duration of our lives, regardless of what’s happening. This guide knows why we decided to reincarnate at this time, through the specific family we chose, and what we aim to achieve and heal in this lifetime. They are familiar with us in a molecular soul-deep level.

We also get new, different guides from time to time who stay with us while we experience something brand new, that is specifically challenging or difficult. They bring specific information. They stay as long as necessary and leave when they believe it’s time. During these times, our main guide might take the back seat and let us get specific, more focused support.


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Spirit guides names

Each spirit guide has a name. Some names are familiar names, names you’ve heard before and some are completely different sounding, as if from another culture somewhere far. For example, Dr. Barbara Brennan is a world-renowned healer and teacher of healing. Her spirit guide’s name is Heyoan and through Heyoan, Brennan channeled a lot of information about healing and the human aura. Heyoan isn’t a name most of us are familiar with. Your guide may have a name that’s very familiar, such as Arthur, or a name you never heard before.

Once you establish a steady relationship with your guide, you can ask his or her name. You’ll hear it very clearly. Each guide also speaks in a unique manner, like people. Over time, as you get used to hearing your guide, you’ll know it’s your guide speaking right away – not a made-up voice in your head or some other entity out there – based on your guide’s voice, toning, way of speaking etc.

How to communicate with your spirit guide

First of all, your intention matters tremendously. If you want to communicate with your spirit guide because you want information that will help you to manipulate other people such as your partner or friends etc., you won’t succeed. Your guide only cares about your highest good – that could mean staying with your partner or moving on – and your guide doesn’t care either way. Your guide cares that you learn what you were meant to learn in this lifetime. Your guide sees the big picture. Your guide will never tell you what to do. Your guide will never sound domineering. Your guide will never say “you should do this, not do that” to you.

Your guide will also never just give you information about the future like a psychic. Your spirit guide is like a really good life coach – he or she is just not in a physical body. Your guide isn’t a human being and doesn’t think like a human being. Your guide sees everything from a soul perspective. He or she doesn’t care about worldly successes. Their understanding of past, present, and future is different. Your guide completely trusts the universe and is here to teach you to do the same.

In the spirit world, pure desire is what matters. Learning to manifest your true desires is one of the biggest lessons we learn as humans in this world. Love is another lesson – love for self, for others, for animals, for plants, for the environment, and for life. Your guide will be more than happy to help you work on these. Once you know you have the right intention, go ahead and connect with your guide and it’ll be a fruitful experience.


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Meeting your spirit guide: meditation script

Like regular meditation, you’ll need to sit somewhere quiet, comfortably, undisturbed. You’ll need to set aside some time, put your phone on silent etc. Before you start the meditation, take a few deep breaths, for a few minutes if possible, deeply inhaled through the nose and deeply exhaled through the nose. Both very slowly and gently. Try to feel your sitting bones and your feet – it will help you to feel calmer and be able to focus.

Once you feel calm and centered enough, check your intention. Are you coming from a pure place? (it’s only natural for our egos to step in, even sneak in, to try to find shortcuts to problems). Just make sure that you’re genuinely seeking divine guidance at this point in your life.

We’ll provide you with a short script now but your own words would also be just as strong, in some cases even stronger. If you want to use your own words, by all means, go ahead. The script we provide is like a cheat sheet. It’s a universal norm or prayer.

“Dear Spirit World, I’m reaching out to you today to connect with my own Spirit Guide. I have only good intentions and I’d like to meet my Spirit Guide of light and love, my Guide who knows me and who wants my highest good.”

Your guide may or may not allow you to feel him or her right away. It might take a few days or weeks before you feel his or her presence and hear from him or her. (The reason we say, “him or her” and not “it,” is because femininity and masculinity exist in the spirit world as well. Because spirits don’t have biological bodies, or don’t live in human societies, these characteristics are free from conditionings or bodily limitations. They’re just energies and there’s no judgment or rejection in the Guides’ world about different energies).

Asking spirit guides for help with love

You can ask your spirit guide for help with anything – whether it’s love, career, family, health, friends, your spiritual path – anything really. As long as you are coming from a pure soul place, you’ll get a response. If not in words, then through dreams and signs.

Working with a medium

If you find that you’re encountering negative spirits instead of your Guide, spirits who try to mislead you or manipulate you, stay away from trying to reach your guide for a while. During this time, meditate only for yourself, to cleanse your aura and energy, and strengthen your boundaries.

If you want to hear from your guide but haven’t been successful, you can always work with a psychic medium. An experienced psychic medium can connect to your spirit guide, ask your questions for you, and deliver you the answers your Guide has given you. It can help you until you connect with your own guide on your own.


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