Raising your vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration

Did you know that you can raise your vibration and change your life? You might have heard about the practice of channelling energies, or maybe you’ve heard that raising your body’s vibration can be done with certain practices. But what does it mean?


If you’ve ever felt like you seem to attract negative experiences, bad people or things just never seem to go your way, this might be because your body is operating at a low vibration. The good news? There are plenty of ways you can change your vibration and become a better version of yourself.


In fact, focusing on some of the steps that I’m about to reveal here can truly change your life. And the best thing is that many of these things aren’t even that difficult! So, if you want to understand how to live the life you feel like you deserve, to attract the right type of person and feel better in yourself, follow these tips to raise your vibration.

Raising your vibrational frequency


Our bodies and everything else in the universe are made up of the same subatomic particles. These particles all vibrate at a certain frequency, but there can be things that influence and change these vibrations. For example water left to sit still can become stagnant and putrid, but water flowing through a river or waterfall will be full of positive energy and ions. If you’ve ever taken the time to sit next to a waterfall or stream, you will have felt these positive vibrations.


Like water, our bodies need positive energy to keep our vibrational frequency operating on a higher level. And although water is at the mercy of its environment, we have the power to channel the energy we need to raise our own body’s vibrations. If you feel like there is something about yourself that needs to change, focusing on your vibrational frequency will most likely be the best place to start.


Raise your vibration with meditation


Making time to focus on truly relaxing your body through meditation and breathing exercises is one of the simplest ways to change and raise your vibrations. Meditation is the perfect way to put the brakes on our busy lives and take some time for yourself, to really understand how you’re feeling and identify ways to channel positive energies.


Meditation is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration, and brings about so many positive changes. With just a few minutes of meditation each day, you can calm your mind, choose your mood and feel the benefits of letting your body operate on a higher vibrational frequency. 

Enjoy food with high vibe energies


The food we eat has a huge influence on many aspects of our life, from our general health, to our mood and our body’s vibrations. Across the world, more people are waking up to the need to eat food that isn’t processed and to limit the amount of meat we eat, or eliminate it altogether.


The food you eat should nourish your body, with fresh and organic fruit and vegetables. Aim to eat local produce, or better still grow your own! Eat less fried foods, processed foods, red meat or food that has little nutritional value.


Avoid toxins


A glass of wine or a cup of coffee are fine for a treat from time to time, but it can become too easy to depend on them. If you ‘need’ coffee to wake up, or you can’t relax without a glass of wine, then you might need to look at your body’s dependence on these toxins.


Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and drugs are all un-necessary for our daily happiness, and we often build up a dependence on them over time or through our cultural associations. In fact, all of these toxins lower our vibrational frequency and can even make us feel sluggish, depressed or numb. Work towards eliminating, or at least reducing your intake of these and you’ll start to feel a fantastic change to your life.


High vibrational frequency music


One of the easiest things to change is the music we listen to. There is nothing wrong with listening to something ‘heavy’ from time to time, but if you tend to focus on intense, angry, violent or other negative music this can have an affect on your vibrations. 


Instead of heavy metal, gangsta rap or intense dance music, find positive and uplifting music to listen to on your commute or while working. Music can be like food for your mind, and positive music can inspire positive energy and higher vibrations throughout your body.




If you often find yourself complaining, being negative about others or worrying about the bad things in the world, this can all cause negative vibrations. It might seem hard, at first, to focus on the positivity in the world, but negativity breeds more negativity. And negative energy attracts more negative energy.


Instead of focusing on a negative thought, find a positive side to it and focus on that instead. Try to push away the negative thoughts, or if they won’t go away, don’t give them any attention. If you find yourself drawn to gossip or negative talk about someone or something, take a breath, let the negativity wash over you and find something positive to say. In time, this will become second nature.


Gratitude brings good vibrations


Whatever your life looks like, there are probably countless things you are grateful for. Being grateful is a positive state of mind that brings positive vibrations, so focusing on this will help raise your vibration. 


If you’re feeling negative about your life or your current situation, find something you’re grateful for and say it out loud. It might be something you own, it might be your good health, or it might be having a great family or partner. Say it to yourself, or tell somebody that you’re grateful for them and notice how it makes you feel.




Much like gratitude, being generous is a positive action that generates good vibrations. If you feel the need to hoard money, steal the attention from someone or something, or resist sharing when it would obviously be the right thing to do, you breed negative energy. Share your good fortune, your food, your love or your good mood with others and you’ll soon find that this brings positivity to you.


Some simple ways to do this are to give money to charity, to offer a compliment to someone, resist taking credit and instead focus on the team effort, or to spend time volunteering.


Enjoy nature


It can be too easy in our busy modern lives to take time to enjoy nature, especially if you live in a big city. Schedule a regular trip to a nature reserve or other outdoors area, spend time in your garden, on your lunch break try and sit in your nearest park instead of at your desk. 


Spending time relaxing in natural surroundings is a great way to disconnect from electrical devices and other distractions. Try long walks by the sea or the river, tending to a vegetable patch or just watching the ducks on your local pond and you’ll soon feel positive vibrations.


How does it feel to live on a high vibration?


Why go to all the effort of raising your vibration? Perhaps you feel like your life is fine as it is, after all we all have ups and downs. But chances are you’ve met people who live their life on high vibrations and you’ve wondered, how can they do it? How do they manage to be so positive and full of happiness, even when the world is so full of negativity?


For those that live on a high vibration, this negativity is not the focus. Of course, we are aware of it, but when we channel higher vibrations we feel happier in ourselves and in our world, and we feel positive energy more readily than the negative. We’re unlikely to belittle, talk down or feel superior to people; and we’re more likely to be inclusive, compassionate and full of unconditional support or love.


Living with these high vibrations tends to also attract positive energy too. So, the people we interact with are more likely to be ‘on our wavelength’ and we are less likely to connect with people who give off negative vibrations. And, as we’re less likely to feel entitled to something, we don’t feel disappointed or betrayed if something doesn’t go our way. We simply see the positive and move on with our lives!


What can you do when you get caught up in low vibrations?


The truth is, it’s easy to get caught up in low vibration activity and thoughts. It might be spending too long dwelling on someone or something that happened to you, or it might be eating junk food, drinking too much alcohol or even bottling up your emotions.


Negative energy can suck you in and quickly become your focus. Don’t worry, it can happen to anyone. But knowing how to change your thought processes, to pivot and refocus when you’re in that negative headspace is very useful. 


Find the good


Whatever the situation, there will be a positive aspect that you can focus on. Perhaps a negative situation has helped you to understand how you felt about something, or maybe someone being unpleasant to you has shown you that they have negative vibrations and now you know to avoid them. 


From this positive aspect, try and build your response and your focus around this. Remind yourself that everything passes and that there is a lesson to be learned from whatever is happening.


Don’t put yourself down


Maybe you lapsed on your eating plan and you ate a burger, or had too much chocolate. Or, perhaps two years after quitting you smoked a cigarette because you were sad or angry. Remember that nobody is perfect, and even our focus on raising our vibrations takes a knock sometimes. 


Give yourself permission to fail from time to time, remind yourself that life is full of ups and downs and refocus on your positives. Dwelling on a negative action can just pull you back down into negative vibrations.


Hold your tongue


Being angry, hot headed or spiteful can happen to anyone. You might feel that you were passed over for a promotion by someone who didn’t deserve it, or maybe you got cut up in traffic after a bad day at work.


Instead of shouting and swearing, or bad mouthing someone, stay silent. Give the bad energy a moment to wash over you and feel it for what it is. Breathe deeply and remind yourself that this will pass, and that whatever the problem is, it’s ultimately insignificant in the grand scheme of everything. As always, focus on the good, find something you can be grateful for, and if you must say something out loud, try and make it a positive statement.


Raising vibrations session


Using these powerful ways to raise your vibration offers the potential to change the way you see and experience life. With some simple changes and a little bit of self discipline, you will find that it becomes easier and easier as you change your approach to life.


The truth is that even those of us with the best intentions can find our efforts slipping. Making time for daily meditation is an important part of life for many of us, but childcare, work, commuting and other demands can easily take their toll and before you know it time has gotten away from us.


And, for some, breaking out of a negative cycle can seem daunting and nigh on impossible sometimes. It could take just a gentle nudge in the right direction to help us on a course towards living the life that we want to live. Finding someone to offer that helping hand is so much easier these days, with the options for spiritual and meditative assistance online.


With a trained spiritual therapist, you can get the guidance and expertise to focus and plan how to raise your vibration. We’re currently in an interesting phase, where the world is moving towards the 5th dimension ascension, so it’s the perfect opportunity to work towards raising your own vibration as part of the bigger picture. 


In conclusion…


When you raise your vibrations, good things can happen. And it doesn’t take much effort to raise your vibration either… A little bit of meditation here, some mindfulness there, eating well, living well and remembering to be grateful for the things in your life. Take the steps to raise your vibration and I believe you’ll soon find some beautiful and magical things happen to you!


Find your own guide and begin your journey to a happier life. 


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