Divination – Receiving Answers from Spirit

Through the ages, divination has often offered humans a way to communicate with higher powers and to receive answers to difficult questions. Often carried out by mystics, divination is a practice that is found even today in many different cultures around the world.


So, what is divination? As tarot, astrology and palm reading are based on the interpretation of signs by a trained psychic reader can they be defined as divination? Well, although these practices do contain some elements of divination, the word is rooted more in speaking directly with the Gods, spirits, or the ‘divine’ powers. 


Divination is usually undertaken using some kind of tool to speak to the spirits, which may differ from culture to culture. For example, reading runes was seen as a form of divination by the ancient Norse cultures. Entering a trance state, either via meditation, chanting or using means to enter this trance state (such as the use of drugs like ayahuasca) is one of the main traditional divination techniques.  


In ancient history, divination would often be undertaken by shamans, priests and other religious practitioners. In fact, in some parts of the world, divination is still a religious matter, where we mortals can ask for answers to life’s difficult problems.


Today, we can also consult psychics to answer our spiritual questions through divination. But what are the methods of divination available to us?


Different types of divination


When looking at what is divination, often there are references to practices that are spiritual in general. As divination is talking to God, or asking the higher powers in the universe for answers, divination tends to be those channels that look to this higher plane. 


Strictly speaking, astrology, palm reading, numerology and tarot cards are not divination. The reason for this is that these are all signs that can be interpreted to offer guidance in our lives. In theory, divination requires an answer to a direct question, normally a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. However, there are some practices that can be called divination that don’t strictly adhere to this definition.


Angel cards


Designed to speak to our angels and to obtain a clear response, angel cards are one of the most popular and accessible forms of modern divination. When using the angel cards, a psychic will enter a trance like state and will then channel their questions to the angels. It’s possible to ask any direct questions about upcoming life choices or problems through the cards, which are then answered through the deck of angel cards. However, it’s best to keep questions clear and those that ideally require a yes or no response.


Angel cards differ from tarot cards in that they are led by the celestial beings, rather than by the intuition and abilities of the psychic reader. As the angels are attuned to the universe, angel cards are also normally focused on a positive response, even if the answer is not favourable to the reader. 


Crystal ball reading


Also known as scrying, reading crystal balls or other reflective surfaces is a powerful tool to gaze into our past, present and future. Throughout history, accessing a trance state and gazing into a reflective surface such as water or a mirror has given psychics the ability to see messages from the gods. Today, clairvoyants and precognizants are one of the best known and popular forms of divination. 


By reading the crystal ball, the psychic can ask questions of the spirit world and receive images and signs that can be used to guide us in our lives.




The ancient Chinese practice of I-Ching is a fascinating form of divination and one that is still in use today. By using I-Ching for divination, psychics refer to the 64 texts that all contain wisdom and guidance for us in our lives. 


By asking a question, or questions, and watching the patterns of the sticks, or coins, as they fall, you can find an answer in the texts. As the answers are related to the eight forces of nature, as interpreted by ancient Chinese mystics, the I-Ching is thought to contain timeless advice for all mankind.


Pendulum readings


Perhaps one of the simplest ways to communicate with the spiritual realm is with a simple pendulum. These readings offer a yes or no response to any question you ask, and can are a fascinating divination tool.


To do a pendulum reading, choose a dowsing tool, which is often a crystal or artefact with spiritual or personal significance. A simple pendulum reading board will have just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ written on it, with the pendulum being held over the board. The axis of the swing will then be the response to your question.


Ouija board


Although it has a slightly negative reputation among many in the world for its association with dark forces, in fact the ouija board is a very useful divination tool. In the right hands, a ouija board can be used to speak to higher forces such as guardian angels, our ancestors and other channels to the spirit world. 


The ouija board has the capacity to answer our burning questions, and to even help us decide aspects of our path in life. A ouija board can be used by anyone, although it is often recommended to consult a trained psychic medium.



Although there are many other channels for divination, these options are the most accessible to us today. If you have questions you want to ask the higher powers, perhaps how you should proceed with a life choice, or how to handle an emotional problem, divination is an effective way to find answers.


In our world today, we find ourselves increasingly busy and surrounded by sceptics, but spiritual readings are an excellent way to find peace and guidance. Finding a psychic medium to do professional readings for you no longer means finding your local mystic. In fact, online psychic readings are more popular than ever and are an effective and affordable way to help you answer life’s tricky questions. 


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