Retrocognition – Uncovering the Secrets of The Past

Do you ever meet someone for the first time and feel an instant connection, like you’ve known them forever? Do you experience deja vu, a feeling like you’ve already seen this moment? That’s because deep within our body and soul, we hold the information about our past lives. 


Our very DNA carries the events, traumas, and experiences of the past, before we were even born. But as we grow older, in this lifetime, we develop strict ways of thinking and have a hard time connecting with our true selves. Retrocognition, or “backward knowing”, recovers the knowledge of past events through past life regression


Ready to rediscover the path that brought you to where you are today? Find out the journey of your soul and heal from past traumas through retrocognition. 

How is Retrocognition Different from Fortune Telling? 

When we think of psychic abilities, we often think of fortune telling, or seeing into the future. Fortune telling often uses divination tools, like tarot cards or angel cards, to predict what will happen. 


Retrocognition goes backward and looks at the journey of our souls through cycles of rebirth, or reincarnation, going back to the beginning of time. During the process of retrocognition, a psychic advisor or hypnotherapist will bring you into a trance-like state. This helps you tune into the subconscious, where you store memories from your past lives

How Does it Work? 

In his book, Many Lives, Many Masters, prominent psychiatrist Brian L Weiss explains the process of past-life therapy. Many of his patients suffered from anxieties, nightmares, and panic attacks. But regular therapy sessions didn’t seem to cure them. 

He began using past-life hypnotherapy by asking them to recall experiences from their past lives during hypnosis. He discovered that the traumas of their past lives were directly causing their current fears and anxieties. Through this, he could help them heal and live fuller, happier lives.

All of us carry the events from our past lives within us. But many of us don’t realize how the past still affects our present today. Working with an experienced psychic advisor or trained practitioner, we can recall the events of the past in order to heal and align with our destiny.

Is Retrocognition an Ability Which Can Be Learned?

Retrocognition is a skill, and like any skill, anyone can learn how to do it with practice:


Meditation allows you to relax and frees your mind from distractions. You can tune into an elevated consciousness and communicate with the spiritual world during meditation. There are many types of meditation. Start by simply observing the breath. Inhale. Exhale. When you find yourself becoming distracted, simply bring your attention back to your breath. 

Keep a dream journal

Sometimes our dreams give us clues of the past, if we pay close enough attention. On average, each person dreams at least 2 hours each night, but we forget most of our dreams once we awake. 

Keeping a dream journal by your bed helps you to remember your dreams. You can write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Pay attention to the symbols in your dream and look for clues of retrocognition. When in doubt, a dream interpreter can help you understand the meaning of these signs.

Use divination tools

Many people use divination tools to predict the future, but they can also reveal information about our pasts. For example, certain tarot card spreads ask questions about your past. During a psychic session, you can ask your advisor specific questions about retrocognition, too.

Meet with a psychic advisor

Working with a trained psychic or hypnotherapist is another option. They can guide you to relax and tune into your subconscious to recall memories from your past lives.

When Can Retrocognition Be Useful? 

Our souls have experienced cycles of death and rebirth since its source. Throughout these life cycles, the soul experiences beautiful moments as well as pain and trauma. We carry the trauma of the past with us after death. This can affect our ability to feel inner peace throughout our lifetimes. 

Only when we understand the pain of the past can we heal and find tranquility in our souls. Through retrocognition, we remember the painful moments of the past that still affect our behaviors today so we can heal.

Before a retrocognition session, you may want to consider some questions. For example:

  • What events from my past lives are holding me back today?
  • How can I heal from the trauma of my past lives?
  • Did I know [person’s name] from a past life? 
  • What role do I serve in the universe? Examples: teacher, healer, leader, ringleader, etc.

We each have a purpose and destiny in life. But life can throw us off track, and we forget our truth. Retrocognition reveals the events of our past and helps us align ourselves with our destiny. 

A psychic reading can help you understand how experiences from your past lives impact you today. Talk to a top-rated psychic to schedule your retrocognition session and find out your life purpose.


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