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The Secrets Behind Palm Reading Lines

Your life is in your hands, and with palm reading we can decode many of the mysteries of our life, past, future and present. Our hands, like our faces, are unique to each one of us, and no two hands are alike. With lines, ridges and bumps, our hands can tell a deep and fascinating story, if only we know how to read it.

Palm reading, or palmistry, is the ancient art of decoding these signs in our hands to divine our fates. If you’ve ever wondered what these lines and bumps mean, and how palm readers can unlock the code, we’re going to explain the secrets behind palm reading lines.

How to read your palm lines?

Ever wondered if you can read your own palm lines? Palmistry doesn’t require any degree of spirituality or clairvoyance. It’s simply understanding what the lines relate to and how to decode their meaning in relation to the life of the person being read.

First of all, which palm to read? Most palmists go by the rule that the left hand is all about potential, and the right hand relates to what you have done with that potential. Generally speaking, it’s good to read both hands to get an overview of a person’s life and their potential.

It doesn’t matter if you read both, or if you do one first and then the other. But reading both palms will give you a good overview of the person in question and their life.

So, what are the lines of the palm and what do they mean?

Life line

Looking at your palm, the life line will be the first clear line running in an arc between your wrist to the point between your thumb and forefinger. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t relate to how long you will live, but says more about your quality of life. The length of the life line tells us about our health and strength of our relationships with others, as well as telling us about key changes in our lives.

A deep life line tells us about the richness of our life experiences, and the length or breaks in the line tell us about our interactions throughout our life.

Fate line

The fate line appears like a vertical line next to your life line, pointing from your wrist to your fingers. This line tells us how much our lives are affected by things beyond our control, and is, in fact, one of the lines that changes the most in our life.

There are several features to watch out for, such as if you have a deep fate line you’ll have a strong path in life. This could be related to a successful career, or a strong potential in business. If your fate line is broken at one or many different points this can relate to career changes or major changes in your life.

Heart line

Running from left to right below your fingers is the heart line. As the name might suggest, the heart line is all about relationships, love and emotional aspects of our lives. The longer and straighter your heart line, the more stable your love life will be. Shorter heart lines, or lines which curve suggest an emotional independence, or a more reserved approach to love and relationships.

Breaks in your heartline can suggest heartbreak or trauma related to relationships. But it can also suggest big changes in your life and the emotional upheaval that might be involved.

Head line

Starting from just below your forefinger and running into the palm of your hand, our head line looks at all things related to our intelligence. This includes things such as our capacity for learning, our thirst for knowledge, our creativity and our communication.

A head line that curves will suggest someone creative and quite likely impulsive or spontaneous, whereas a straight head line suggests someone more logical and analytical. If your head line is deep and clear then you are likely the sort of person who is seen as wise and knowledgeable.

Sun line

Your sun line, also known as your Apollo line, is found next to your fate line and relates to your successes with relation to your talents. A clear and straight sun line suggests that the person will have great success. But even a faint line means that success could be coming, it may relate to that person refining their talents or changing their focus in life.

A short sun line, or even an absence of a sun line most likely means you’re a hard working person whose focus isn’t on personal success.

There is much more to palm reading…

Of course, this is just an overview of the features of our hands. Although there is a lot to learn when it comes to palm reading, it’s a fascinating subject that can really help you understand more about yourself and other people. However, we don’t all have time to study the details of palmistry, and you’ll find lots of expert palm readers who can give you an expert palm reading.

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