Claircognizance – the psychic sense of “Clear Knowing”

Many of us have experienced a sensation where we have had a gut feeling about something, or even felt like we’ve glimpsed the future. This extra sensory perception might indicate that you have one of the intuitive or ‘clair’ senses.

Probably the best known of these is clairvoyance, but this is just one of the four clair senses. So what are these four extra sensory senses that some of us possess?

  • Clairaudience: extra sensory hearing
  • Clairsentience: being able to feel or touch things beyond normal perception
  • Clairvoyance: the ability to see signs and visions that relate to events in the past or future
  • Claircognizance: knowing or feeling the truth about something or someone without any prior information

All of these powers of perception are fascinating and can be very powerful if harnessed correctly. We’ll take a more in depth look at what might be the most fascinating of them all, claircognizance. So what is claircognizance?

Claircognizance explained

The word claircognizance translates into English as ‘clear knowledge’, or clear knowing. Based on the Latin for clarity claritas, and knowledge cognitionis; the best way to explain claircognizance is as that gut feeling some of us may have when we feel like something is true, but we have no way to explain how we know. 

Claircognizants will feel like they know a truth about someone they may just have met, or that they know that something will, or has, happened. 

How does this differ from clairvoyance? Rather than seeing an image or sign of something that has been, or will be, claircognizance is more related to the feeling.Picture that you’ve just met someone at a party, and you suddenly get a strong sensation that they will be very sad soon, but you’re not sure why. 

The more a claircognizant would speak to this person, and the more their life circumstances are revealed, the clearer the reason for this potential sadness might be. Perhaps they’re caring for a sick loved one, or maybe they’re pinning their hopes for the future on a risky business deal. It could be, even, that they’ve just started a new relationship and they’re still dazzled by the initial romance stage.

As a claircognizant, you may get a strong sense that this person will experience a sadness from the loss of a loved one, the collapse of this deal, or even the revelation that their new romance is not what they’re hoping for. 

At first it might not be clear, but the strong gut sense and the feeling that something is certain is unassailable.

How is this psychic sense used?

As a psychic sense, claircognizance can be used to give some clarity on past or upcoming events. In a reading, a claircognizant may be able to identify an event and explain how things might unfold, or how the person doing the reading needs to manage their expectations. 

Being the interpretation of a gut feeling, the psychic reader will need to understand what is happening in the person’s life to build an accurate picture. When combined with things like Tarot or palmistry, claircognizance can be an incredibly useful skill and one that can really help provide a clear glimpse into the life of this person.

The 5 signs to help you uderstand if  you are claircognizant

Many of us feel these intuitive senses from time to time, but being able to identify and understand our claircognizant abilities is the first step to being able to hone this skill. There are a few ways to spot if you are claircognizant.

1. Gut instincts

If you often get a gut feeling about something, and it turns out to be right more often than not, this is a strong indicator that you might be claircognizant. It might be that you feel strongly as if you should avoid a certain person, or that something is about to happen. 

It’s worth making a distinction between being cautious or suspicious, and getting a genuine feeling about something. For example, you might think, ‘Oh it’s going to rain in a minute’, but the clouds are already grey and heavy. Or perhaps you’re walking through a part of town where you feel like something bad could happen… This is more related to being perceptive than claircognizant, although cognizant abilities might help you avoid a difficult situation here. 

2. Solutions just ‘come to you’

Another strong claircognizant skill is that problem solving can appear very simple to you. These solutions might often also be in the form of a vision, or the clarity of knowledge, that has escaped others around you. Sometimes these solutions can be totally out of the blue, and even seem quite random.

You might also find that you are always full of ideas or plans for the future, and that you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the ideas and visions that come to you. 

3. You just ‘get’ people

This can work on a number of levels, from knowing that someone is a fraud, or liar, to knowing that you are going to be great friends with someone you just met. Or course, this shares some similarities with ‘gut instinct’, but when it comes to understanding people and their personalities, your powers of perception are rarely wrong.

4. “I just know”

Ever decided not to do something because, ‘you just know’ that it isn’t going to be worth it? Or perhaps you’ve managed to convince everyone to go to this place at a certain time because you know something amazing will happen, but you’re not sure what. 

Deep inside, you know that something is going to happen, although it may not be clear what. For better, or for worse, you just know that you want to be part of it, or steer clear. And, more often than not, you’re right…

5. Deep thinking

With so much brain activity, claircognizant people often like to be left alone to make sense of their thoughts. This can manifest itself as meditation, a love of reading, or simply spending time on their own to process what is happening in their minds. 

Claircognizants might also spend a lot of time lying awake in bed, or might even be seen as daydreamers. However, they are less likely to be idly daydreaming, and more likely to be trying to make sense of something they just thought of. This could be an idea or an urge to do something, but a claircognizant will need thinking time.


If you’ve been reading all of this and thinking, “Yup, that’s me”, then it looks like you are lucky enough to be claircognizant. You could perfect your skills and use this gift in your life to help guide you through the many paths that are presented to you, and even use it to help others. 

When looking for a psychic reading online, finding a claircognizant means that they can help make sense of many aspects of your life. From palm readers, to Tarot or spiritual mediums, the power of clear knowledge is a fascinating gift that allows us to glimpse the future and make informed choices. 


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