Turkish Coffee Reading Explained

Turkish Coffee Reading Explained

We’ve recently talked about tea leaf reading, an interesting psychic method that interprets the patterns in leaf sediments. Do you know that there’s a similar divine technique that is based on the same concept, but uses coffee instead of tea leaves. Called Turkish coffee reading, it’s a form of tasseography and it originated in the Middle East and spread to Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia Russia, Serbia, Romania, and so on. It’s a fun and entertaining fortune-telling method is essential for those who seek hits and cues about the future. Want to know what it’s all about and why many are captivated by it? Continue reading.

Turkish Coffee Reading Explained


In approximately 600 AD, the Arabs discovered coffee beans, but during that time they kept them a secret and they remained that way for several hundreds of years. Afterwards, when people found out about them, they began using them in coffee readings. Historians assume that nomadic gypsies as well as merchants disseminated the divine art of coffee reading across the Middle East where coffee was a common hot drink. What is not yet known is when coffee reading symbols at the bottom of the cup became customary and eventually turned into a, say, communal as well as culturally reinforced method of fortune telling.

Why Turkish Coffee?

It’s important to note however that Turkish coffee is utilized in the process because it’s not filtered or strained prior to consumption. To add, as it’s consumed, it usually leaves a muddy and dark sediment at the base of the cup. As a word of advice, when having a reading even Turkish coffee reading online, it’s important to avoid drinking the grounds. Thus, it’s best if you stop drinking when about one-fifth of the coffee remains.

Turkish Coffee Reading Explained

How is coffee reading is done?

When brewing coffee, about one or two teaspoons of coffee—finely ground—is dropped in a small long-handled pot (usually made of copper), which is called cezve or ibrik. Afterwards, it’s filled with water, then placed on fire or a stove to achieve the right temperature. In some cases, sugar is added and the dark mixture is often boiled for a specific number of minutes for better results. The coffee is then cooled, then put into an espresso-sized cup. This is essential because in coffee readings, a large cup is a big no-no. Furthermore, it needs to be served in typical saucer. The saucer is important because it plays an important role in the coffee reading.

If you’re having your reading and you want to know your fortune and in some cases decipher the coffee reading symbols meaning, you need to be sincere and have a pure heart. This is essential so that you’re going to worthy of the reading. This is actually a part of the tradition and for this reason, professional psychic readers including those who perform Turkish coffee reading online make it a point not to perform reading to the “unworthy.”

Also, you need to be in a contemplative mood and inhale, then exhale inside the cup after every sip. In the process, take your time and enjoy the moment. Often, your psychic may discuss the notable issues that took place in the day or week. He/she may tackle why you decided to have a reading in the first place. Again, make sure to be relaxed and be in a reflective mood throughout the whole ordeal.

How are coffee reading symbols deciphered?

There are a myriad of ways to decipher coffee reading symbols meanings and image contexts during reading sessions. They basically depend on the chosen method of the professional who is going to do the reading. But in general, in a coffee reading, the psychic takes an extensive look at the coffee grounds that resides on the cup or the saucer. This is generally not difficult because as mentioned earlier, Turkish coffee is known to leave thick and muddy residue. After drinking, he/she may swirl the cup where you drank, say a prayer, and turn it upside down, perform other prerequisites, then place it on the saucer.

The whole process can be time consuming since there’s a waiting period, where small portions of remaining coffee grounds that drop on the saucer are set. In the process, they may leave patterns as well as images and sometimes even letters in coffee reading. They may provide information about you that may include but not limited to important events, a person’s initials, your energy, future developments, and many others. A discerning psychic may see them clearly. But for someone like you who did not undergo training, it’s best to be acquainted with coffee reading symbols.

Coffee Reading Symbols

As mentioned earlier, coffee readings symbols are varied. Before we take a look with different predefined coffee reading and tasseography symbols list, bear in mind that not all reading is created equal and psychic has his/her own customized approach to use or determine them. To add, the explanation of the symbols as well as the meanings of the shades of lines and colors that can be seen within the cup is passed from one generation of psychic to another. Nonetheless, it’s essential to be acquainted of the following:

• Context

Context is essential because failure to understand differences may lead to misunderstanding. For instance, one psychic reader may depict a particular symbol for financial freedom, but another may interpret it as loneliness. Also, there are cases when symbols obtain their meanings via a larger context that is shown in a reading. What’s beside the symbol? How does it all connect to the bigger story?

• Arrangement

In addition to symbols, it is important to acknowledge where the symbols, shapes, or letters in coffee cup reading appear. The edge of the saucer, for instance, depict events that are not so important and the center those that are extremely important.

• Thickness

How much coffee accumulated on different areas of the cup as well as the saucer? How much coffee grounds were utilized to shape the symbol, pattern, or letters? Next, think cautiously if they actually stand for something in your life.

• Size

How big or small is the letter or symbol? Does it occupy half or a quarter of the space of the cup or saucer? Where is it located? The edge or the center of the saucer? All these play a role in determining the importance of the letter or symbol of the reading.

Online Coffee Readings

In case you want to have a coffee reading session, you’d be happy to know that you don’t have to go the Middle East or any far-flung nation to have it. Thanks to the proliferation of the Internet a myriad of psychic services can be enjoyed online and the services include coffee readings. Because of these, getting a legit reading can be achieved in just a couple of clicks and at the comfort of your home.

During readings, online coffee readers can utilize the necessary commodities such as a saucer, cup, and coffee on your behalf. This, to somehow create a reading ritual without needing your presence. In other instances, a reader may instruct you to take an image of your cup then send it via email. Regardless of the method that your reader may use, rest assured that the accuracy of your reading won’t be compromised.

Summing up

There you have it a quick, yet detailed explanation of some of the most important things that you need to know about coffee reading. If you’re really interested in having one, then do your homework and find the right practitioner that you think can complement your needs, preferences, and budget. This is essential if you want to make sure that your experience will be something that you will cherish for a long time.

How about you? Do you have a coffee reading experience that you want to share? Give us a shout on our comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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