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The Incredible Accuracy and Realism of the Tarot

Wondering why tarot cards work so well regardless of what the querent asks? Whether it’s a simple yes/no question or an inquiry into a knotty love triangle, an elaborate career step that affects different aspects of one’s life, the decision to buy property – Tarot can provide great guidance with tremendous attention to detail and accuracy.

Instead of giving flighty, dreamy answers or quick fixes, Tarot paints the whole panorama – from what happened in the past to what’s happening in the present moment and what is most likely to happen in the near future if you take action or don’t. Tarot gives advice to help you to create the outcome you want and tells you how each action will result.


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Here’s why tarot cards are accurate

The creators of Tarot believed in detail and nuance. They believed that life is multifaceted with many areas and variances. In that sense, Tarot is like astrology – there are a lot of different elements, personalities, events, actions, past influences as well as future effects. Tarot is accurate precisely because it takes into account anything and everything that might be related to the question you want to explore.

There’s a whole system behind the 78-card deck. They are organized a certain way and this organization corresponds to the world’s deepest occult teachings. It matches the chakra system i.e. the first 56 cards called the Minor Arcana depict the events related to the first four chakra, while the last 22 cards called the Major Arcana correspond to the fifth chakra – the ether element, that of our soul, exploring our soul purpose. The last two chakra are undepictable as they are our connection to the spiritual world and God; they aren’t of this world per se.

Pondering why tarot cards are dangerous?

They are not dangerous at all, not even a drop, but many people believe they are. Tarot has a bad rep in that sense. Over the centuries, fundamentalist religious people from all corners of the world have shown fear and rage towards anything that didn’t fit in with their beliefs. The same with dogmatic scientists at the other end of the spectrum. It is the people in between, those of us who can keep a flexible open mind who are able to open ourselves to spirituality and its vast teachings.

Because Tarot cards are accurate, some people ascribe evil powers to them. As if the cards are alive, can travel in time and space, and see things. No. What makes the cards so powerful, precise, and honest is the intention of the Tarot reader, the querent, and the space between them. This space is alive, it’s breathing, it’s conscious. Quantum physicists call it the morphogenetic space – the space that’s influenced by in it, and it, in turn, affects them.

Back to psychic readings – why Tarot?

Tarot is an amazing tool, a great psychic resource if you want details and even realism! Tarot is very worldly and grounded when it comes to understanding human life, emotions, desires, thoughts, the law of attraction, and the way events unfold in the world.

Tarot gives us sixteen Court Cards – four Pages, four Knights, four Queens, and four Kings. Each one of these cards depicts a personality with different degrees of wisdom, experience, zest for life, and approach to life. When these personalities appear in your reading, more often than not, they represent a person in your life. They even have zodiac signs ascribed to them. Tarot could have had just one card to represent actual people but no, it had to have 16! That’s how detailed it is.

Tarot also takes into account the many universal forces that are at play in our world. For example, when you look at the four Ace cards in the classic Waite Rider Smith tarot deck, you will see that a hand is depicted – a hand that is extended from the skies into this world, bringing the purest form of each element: earth, water, fire, air. The hand signifies divine intervention. So, while Tarot is all about what’s happening here on Earth, it doesn’t forget that we are spiritual beings having a fleeting physical experience.


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What YOU can do to ensure a great Tarot reading

Convinced yet? Great. Now that you know you want to get a Tarot reading, here are a few things you want to do to ensure a great reading.

Find a good Tarot card reader – Tarot is a complex system. At the hands of a novice reader, you wouldn’t get the level of detail the cards provide. As you look for an online reader, make sure they have experience, and that they are top-rated. Read the reviews querents before you wrote and try to get a sense of the reader.

Many live psychics also have online profiles. If you have time and patience, go through the profiles and read about each psychic’s past experience, trainings, and story. You never know, you may find a psychic who’ll be great for you for the next few years or even for life.

Use your free minutes wisely – many online websites, including our sister site Kasamba, gives you free minutes with each psychic who’s new to you. Use this time wisely. Ask your psychic about their experience and how confident they feel about Tarot (they might be great at pendulum readings but not awesome at Tarot etc.).

Try to get to know your psychic. Start asking your questions. If you don’t like your psychic, you don’t need to continue. You can just close the chat window. Pick another psychic and start over. When you find a psychic you’re comfortable with, stay for a paid reading.

Be clear about what you want to explore – if you have multiple questions running around in your mind, identify the one that’s the most important for you. If you have several questions about one particular life area, e.g. your love life, then you can request a general love reading or a general career reading. You can also let your psychic know what your confusions are and allow them to lead you to the appropriate reading – as Tarot has different spreads with different numbers of cards to explore different situations.

Know that you can also simply request a general reading and whatever is the most important in your life right now is sure to surface in the reading. Your psychic can do a simple three card reading, or a complex ten card reading. There are many ways to explore the same situation.

Keep an open mind – the cards may or may not tell you what you want to hear. They may tell you things will be great or not so great. They may bring you bad news. Remember, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed for life. It just means there will be some challenges for a while. Ask the cards what you can do to improve or change the outcome.

Write a review – after your Tarot card reading, make sure to rate your psychic Tarot reader. If you have a few minutes, write a review as well. This will give feedback to the reader as well as provide guidance to all those who are looking for a good Tarot reader.


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