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Which are the best palm reading apps?

Palmistry is one of the oldest yet most accessible forms of fortune telling. Found in cultures around the world, the art of interpreting the stories of our lives from the lines and bumps in our hands is still very effective. Known variously as palmistry, palm reading and chiromancy; however you refer to it, it’s all about reading the story of your life that is written in your hands.

If you wanted to know what your fate had in store for you, reading your palm used to mean visiting a professional, but of course this is the 21st century. The devices in the palm of our hands, can now be used to decode, well… The palm of our hands!

Yes, today there are many palm reading apps available for both iOS and Android users, and choosing the best one can be tricky. Like mediums, some are the real deal and some are just for fun. So, which is the best palm reading app for your mobile?

Palm Reading – Connect with personal palm readers

The first on our list of best palm reading apps is the very popular Palm Reading. As the name suggests, this app allows you to connect to your choice of palm readers to read your fortune from a scan of your palm in the app.

How it works is, you download the app, enter your billing info and then choose a palm reader. You then take a scan of your hand and this is read by your chosen fortune teller.

Palm Reading is a live fortune telling app, meaning it connects you to an experienced professional palm reader via the app, and your fortune is revealed in a text based discussion. Once you’ve signed up, you’re given your first three minutes for free, to allow you to get started understanding your fortune. 

As part of the service, you’ll be able to interpret the major lines of your hand. However, if you wish to go deeper, your fortune teller can also delve deeper into your fate by reading the many other features of your palms, such as your health, fame and money lines.

This is one of the most popular and best rated of the palm reading apps available online. We rate it highly for its use of quality and vetted palm readers. 

The app also saves your transcript, so you check back later on. You can choose the best fortune teller for you, meaning you can get great value for money on your remote fortune telling. 

Palm Reader is also available on Apple app store.

Palmistry – Live Palm Reading

As the name suggests, this is another live palm reading app which connects you to your chosen palm reader. What makes it one of the best palm reading apps available? As you choose your fortune teller, Palmistry asks you what area of your life you’re most interested in exploring with the app. This means you can get an in-depth exploration of a particular field of your life as you prefer.

So, if you’re wanting to know more about love and romance, work, money issues or your health, you can specify on the app.

Again, you’ll get three minutes for free when you first sign up with your payment details, meaning you can get the chat started with your chosen psychic. Palmistry is a relatively new app, so there are a few less palm readers than on other apps, but again they’re all quality and vetted.

Palmistry – Predict Future by Palm Reading

Our list of the best palm reading apps has, so far, included live apps which connect you to professional palm readers. This does of course include a charge as standard, which might not always appeal to everyone.

This app includes an analysis of your palm from a photo, so you’ll be able to get a report about your personality traits and other factors of your life. But, if you want the in-depth analysis, including that oh-so important look at your future life, you will need to pay a little.

You can also do a test to get a more personalised look at your fortune, as well as a regular reading about what to look out for in your life. When you sign up, you’ll be given three days free, although you do need to put your payment details in before you can access the service (as is the case with all of these apps).


One of the most popular websites for all things psychic, of course they have one of the best palm reading apps too. In fact, Kasamba covers the whole gamut of psychic services, with daily horoscopes, tarot readings and live chats with your choice of spiritualists.

If you’ve been to the Kasamba website, then you’ll know what to expect. You’ll find a big list of psychics, of all kinds, from clairvoyants and astrologers, to dream readers and relationship advice. The app, of course, includes all of this.

What makes Kasamba one of the best palm reading apps is that you get three minutes free, each time you speak to a new psychic. So, you can shop around and find your ideal connection before you commit to a full reading. Prices vary hugely too, with some as low as under $5 per minute.

If you’re serious about your palm reading, or other psychic reading, Kasamba will have plenty of options for you.

Kasamba is available for both iOS and Android.


The best palm reading apps?

Delving into the world of palm reading is a fun and exciting way to read your fortune. These apps all offer a great way to experience palm reading, and we think you’ll be happy to try any one of these from our list of the best palm reading apps.

One thing to bear in mind is that most of these apps will ask for payment details up front. That doesn’t mean you’ll be charged right away, so if you aren’t sure, feel free to put your details in and just remember to cancel your subscription when you’re finished.

But, we think that using a palm reading app is a great way to understand your personality and to divine your future. And, of course, you’ll find plenty of great psychics here at BestPsychics, from astrologers and clairvoyants to palm readers.

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