Communicate with Spirits

How to Communicate with Spirits

There are many reasons people might want to reach out to the spirit world to communicate. It might be looking to talk to a loved one who recently passed, or perhaps to find out if there are ghosts in your new house. Or perhaps it’s just out of a sense of adventure and to see what happens.

In the movies and TV, we have often seen people reaching out to the spirit world. Sometimes, as a plot device, things don’t turn out too well, which might scare some people off wanting to communicate with spirits. But, in the real world, when done properly, talking to spirits or ghosts is usually quite safe with no ill effects. 

If you’ve been wondering about how to communicate with spirits, or if you can do it yourself, or if it’s best to hire a medium, these are our best tips about reaching out to the spirit world.

Doing it yourself

One of the most (in)famous ways of communicating with the spirit world is with a ouija board. Although the origins of the ouija board itself is a mystery, people had been using rudimental channels to communicate with spirits for centuries. The ouija board was first marketed as a game, but quickly became a well known tool for communicating with the spirit world.

But is using a ouija board safe? It’s worth bearing in mind that the spirit world, like our own world, harbours all kinds of spirits. So although you are very unlikely to encounter anything untoward, it can be a good idea to use certain protections. Some like to use crystals to channel positive energy while using a ouija board, others say a small prayer to ask for protection from evil.

If you’re not too sure about using a ouija board, or if you don’t have one available, you can also conduct a seance using other objects in its place, such as a pendulum or a candle. When conducting your seance, it’s a good idea to have something that can be used by the spirit to communicate with you, so even a rudimentary board, at least with yes/no written on it. 

And, of course, it’s good to keep the questions simple. When you’re finished, make sure to let the spirit know that your session is over by thanking them for their presence and being clear that this is the end.

Using a medium

Perhaps the best way to communicate with spirits is by speaking with a medium. These people tend to be already in tune with the spirit world, and will know some of the most effective ways to reach out, ideally to the one you’re looking to speak to. 

Most towns and cities around the world have mediums who you can visit, or increasingly it has become easier to find a medium online. These experts of the spirit realm will give you a consultation and help you find the answers you’re looking for, all without leaving your home.

Another benefit of using an online service to find a medium is trust. Finding a medium online means you can read reviews and check out their rating, see their feedback and certification, and get a feel for their personalities before signing up for a session.

How do mediums work?

Mediums have often spent many years working to understand the spirit world and understanding how to bridge the gap between our world and theirs. They will have spent time working out what their psychic abilities are and practicing, honing and perfecting them. Some mediums will excel at clairvoyance, others may prefer to focus on clairsentience, which is the act of speaking to spirits.

As many spirits can only really be seen or heard by expert mediums, this process of practice is much like becoming a professional in any other sphere. A whole lot of study, training and practice goes into making an effective medium. 

If you’re looking to communicate with spirits, the most effective way is most definitely with a medium. 

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