Heart Chakra Angel Card

Heart Chakra Angel Card

“Love is the heart of the matter:  Your heart is the center within your physical being attuned most to love.  It’s safe for you to love and be loved with an open heart, as we stand by with perfect protection and guidance.”

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The Description

With an expression of courage and trust, our angel pauses on an ages-old marble staircase.  Draped in a gown of clouds, a soft blue turban on her head, she personifies the sky pictured behind her.  Hands to her heart, she offers the insight that you, too, hold answers within your heart.  Each step on the stairway will bring you closer to the answers that you seek but without an open heart, the climb is an exhausting if not impossible one.

The Message

To open one’s heart can seem to be an overwhelming task.  Easier said than done, we groan.  Yet, that’s where our chakra will come into play.  When we realize that love isn’t only something that we do, but something that we are; when we realize that it’s a task that our angles can help us with – suddenly the concept seems less crushing and – as so often happens in the company of angels – we are inspired.

Chakra 101

chakra 101Chakra is the Sanskrit word for Wheel.  Our chakra are comprised of seven energy discs, beginning at the base of the spine (often called the Root Chakra) and continuing to the top of the head (the Crown Chakra), and are thought to be the energy centers for physical and emotional balance.

Imagine seven glowing discs, each a different color, spinning like ethereal CDs.  Each disc has a specific purpose.  Each represents not only an emotion but a region of the body and the organs where illness can manifest.  Present in each of us in exactly the same location, meant to glow as a precise color, spin at a specific speed, present at birth and not attained through wisdom gained or age achieved, our chakra link each and every one of us to a higher source and, through that source, we are one.  The key to balance is in keeping our chakra in good health!  They should spin not wobble and their colors should be clear and bright.  The Heart Chakra, located in the center of the chest, is the chakra that helps us to attune to others.

While this angel card speaks to romantic love, it is through the gifts of openness and kindness, forgiveness and compassion that we truly experience the heart, as these are the traits spoken to by the Heart Chakra card.


Imagine yourself standing just beneath our angel – a step or two down, the enduring marble is cold beneath your feet.  The climb ahead seems long and difficult.  You’ve paused for a breath.  It is here that our lovely and loving angel turns to us and places her hands on her heart, encouraging you to do the same.  That is her message for it is there that your answers to your questions lie.

One of the many, many benefits of working with the angels is that they don’t expect perfection from us.  Or anything close!  Often we feel that if we don’t immediately clutch our hands to our chest and cry out, “Lead on, Angel!  I trust you implicitly!” that we are less than worthy of their guidance.  Worse, we may be incapable of receiving it.  That just simply couldn’t be further from the truth.

angel teachersOur angels are, above all, teachers.  They want to guide us and help our souls to grow but understand that often we need to be reminded of the tools to do just that.  That’s why we pause together during the climb.  Our angels never leave us during our journey.

If our answers lie within our own heart; if realizing those answers is dependent upon opening our Heart Chakra so that we may hear and even feel those answers, then our angel needs to remind us, teach us, how to do just that.  Like all things from the God and the Universe, the answers are never complicated.  They are always rooted in trust and in being “reminded.”

Opening one’s Heart Chakra is one way to hear the messages our angels have for us.  There are a myriad of balancing techniques that help our chakra to spin smoothly and glow brightly.  While many methods involve lengthy focus and meditation, when we are looking for a sort of Heart Chakra boost there are a few super-easy and effective techniques.

chakra heartThe heart chakra’s healthy color is green.  (Green?!)  It is our soul’s perfection of loving that allows for its growth, with green symbolizing that growth.  Green is the color of nature – a color that speaks to balance and peace.  Green, like nature, connects us all.  See someone round-shouldered and slumped?  It’s a safe bet that their heart chakra is wobbly and its color pale.  An equally safe-bet would be that their angels may be shouting from the rooftops and they simply aren’t hearing their messages.

One super easy technique to help open your heart chakra and make it easier to hear angelic messages is to either carry or wear a green stone.  Emerald, jade or malachite in the green family resonate with the heart chakra and help to tune it.  Although pink in color, rose quartz is also a powerful fine tuner for this love-based chakra.  Even the smell of roses can jump start the chakra to a place more receptive to messages of love and compassion.

Think about love.  Ponder love in all of its forms.  Start with the people that you love in your life.  Name them – aloud, if you can.  Think of the pleasures that you love – beautiful music, flowers, blue-cheese burgers.  Whatever brings you pleasure; whatever makes you smile.  List the values that you treasure – honesty, kindness – your list may surprise you.  Now list those who bring love to you.  (Don’t be surprised if they are nameless!)  The young man in the grocery store who left his cart to come back and help you reach that item on the top shelf; the nurse who stuck her head into the waiting room to see if she could get you anything while you waited.

Act in love.  Pay-it-forward has become a wonderful way of being in the world.  Arriving at the drive-thru window to find that our coffee has been paid for by the anonymous (and now long gone) customer ahead of us warms us in a way that even a macchiato grande can’t do.  When we give from the heart to a stranger, we are closest to what the angels would want us to do.  Smile at the person you meet on the elevator; be the first to ask the office receptionist, “How are you?”; show patience when you can afford it the least.

talk with someone about chakra heart cardWhen we draw this card in a reading, it is a reminder that we need to balance love in our life.  Take and give.  Sometimes that means having a heart-to-heart talk with someone.  What brings us to our reading may be resolved with an earnest discussion.

That marble staircase toward enlightenment in any given situation can be daunting.  Each step is often fraught with fears of the future and memories of the past.  Open your heart, she says.  See with your heart and your fears will abate and your memories will be lessons learned.

When you receive this card, know that your angel is pausing with you while you catch your breath and encouraging you to open your Heart Chakra to make your climb a bit easier.

Just like a heart condition can impact your stamina in the Real World, in the Energy World a weak Heart Chakra will slow your perceptions, your insights, make it difficult to communicate lovingly and hear without feeling criticized or misunderstood.

When we allow the angels to send positive energy to our heart, it’s a bit like throwing open a window on that first spring day after a long, long winter.  Suddenly, we feel lighter and have a sense of peace and comfort.  We no longer fear the answers waiting for us, but welcome them so that we may embrace them and act on them.  We no longer fear knowing an answer – we bravely seek it.

reader- draw heart chakraIf your reader draws the Heart Chakra angel card in response to your inquiry, the fix is an easy one!  She is telling you that all things are possible to understand when we see through the eyes of love; all situations can reach a loving resolution when we act with compassion; that she can and will help you every step of the way.  Take Heart!

This angel card is drawn from Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from Angels oracle cards.

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