The Signs from Spirits that You Can See or Feel

The Signs from Spirits that You Can See or Feel

Getting in touch with the spiritual side of the world usually means opening our mind to the channels of communication that open. Indeed, what good is a sign from a spirit if we ignore it or misinterpret it?

There are plenty of signs from spirits that are tangible; allowing us to see, hear, feel or experience them in our realm. If you’re looking for a sign from the spirit world, keep an eye out for these tell tale manifestations of a spirit presence.

1. The temperature

Often one of the most obvious and tangible sensations of the presence of a spirit will be a sudden change in the temperature. This is often in the form of a cold chill, shiver or goose bumps on the skin. 

If you experience this together with some of the other signs on this list, then it could be a sure sign that there is a spirit presence. Don’t be shy, say hello!

2. Movement in the corner of your vision

As spirits are not solid, there is a strange phenomenon whereby we don’t always see them if we’re looking straight at them. However, many people report first seeing a spirit out of the corner of their eye. 

If you spot a shadow, or movement in your peripheral vision, chances are that you just caught sight of a spirit. 

3. Flickering bulbs/electricity

With their high level vibrations, spirits have a strange effect on electricity. In fact, many times if a spirit is present, you may notice that the lightbulbs in a room flicker or dim. If the spirit is particularly powerful, or is emitting a strong emotion, sometimes the bulb can blow or there can be other surge like activity.

Other electrical interference can come in the form of the TV or radio turning off or on, strange noises coming through inactive speakers, or even phones to ring once and then stop.

4. Strong smells 

The sensation of smell is a powerful one and can remind of a specific occasion, or person. As such, the sensation of smell can be used by the spirit realm to communicate with us. For example, if a loved one had a favourite perfume, or they always had a certain type of flowers in their home, you might catch a hint of this scent at a heightened spiritual moment. 


It might be while you’re thinking of that person, meditating or simply enjoying looking at an old belonging of theirs. The presence of the smell can be a strong indicator that their spirit is there with you…

5. Time and numbers

There is a strange phenomenon around the number 11, with this being a powerful number in numerology and the spiritual world. If you find yourself seeing the number 1 repeated, perhaps in the time 11:11, or other strange places, this can be a sign that a spirit is trying to communicate with you.

The time 11:11 is said to be a portal to the spirit world, so if you see that time on your clock, you have a minute to relate your message to the spiritual world.

6. Feeling someone is there

We’ve probably all felt it; that sensation of someone else being in the room, even if we can’t see them. It can be both a pleasant or calming sensation, or a deeply unsettling one, which can be depending on both the spirit itself, and our mindset.

Take a moment to relax, breathe deeply and try to focus your mind on this presence. You can always speak to them, ask them to show you a sign or ask them what they want.

7. Seeing signs

Although spirits find it difficult to interact with our physical world and communicate with us directly, they can leave us signs. These might seem strange to us, but sometimes they make a lot of sense.

It could be leaving you something to find, such as an open page of a book or magazine, an old photo or some other sentimental item. Or, it could be an image or symbol that resonates with something relevant in your bond, perhaps your loved one’s favourite jewelry or flower.

8. Dreams

Our dreams are the perfect place for the spiritual realm to connect with us. Often times people have reported speaking to departed loved ones in a dream but saying how real it seemed. Or, sometimes, a stranger might approach us in our dream and deliver a message or instruction that seems clear and stands out among the rest of our dream.

If you’ve woken and felt like you’ve had a deeper interaction, beyond just dreaming and sleeping, you might have experienced a spiritual sign.

How to tell the difference between a sign and a coincidence

Some of these things might just be a coincidence, of course, as strange things do happen. But the way to differentiate a sign from a coincidence is normally in the context.

Have you recently lost a loved one? Are you experiencing some trauma in your life and you’ve been asking for help from above? Or perhaps you are feeling like there have been a lot of coincidences lately and you can’t ignore the fact any more…

A lot of signs come in packs of three, so if you think you’ve been experiencing a similar sensation for a while, it could be more likely a  spiritual sign than a coincidence. For example, if you often feel like someone is present, and you keep experiencing mysterious happenings around you, the pointers suggest spiritual activity.

Keep an open mind and use your higher state such as meditation or prayer to communicate with the spirit world.

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