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    I frequented Kennywood park for my childhood as well. I loved the Log Jammer. It is gone now. I don’t know if it was the same instance but I was once stuck on the big last hill. I was a child and it was both scary and a bit exciting. My Dad was there and he was calm and the Staff was calm so I was ok too. I think I was more excited about telling my friends about it. I pulled this card tonight after asking the Angel’s for advice. I Googled this card…I wonder if I was meant to see your interpretation. Nice to hear it from a fellow Pittsburgher. And yes…Potato Patch fries are the best on the Planet!!

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    You definitely meant to see Juliana Day‘s interpretation of the Change in Direction card, she is brilliant doing Angels readings….

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    Julianna Day

    @Shari and Jenny ~ Thank you, both! Happy to see that you enjoyed the article 🙂 Thanks for reading! JD

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